Climate Ride was by far one of the most challenging, yet fulfilling experiences that I’ve had in my adulthood life. I was inspired, I learned a lot and met some amazing like-minded individuals who care deeply about our planet and want to or are actively making a difference in our Planet. I would strongly encourage anyone who is considering Climate Ride to just do it!

— Marcrina Robinson, Northern Michigan Ride 2018

Climate Ride Northern Michigan was awseome–a well-organized ride through some beautiful country! We raised over $10,000 for our organization and had a blast doing it.

— Jonathan Nieuwsma, President Citizens' Greener Evanston, Northern Michigan Ride 2018

I ride to encourage more people to walk the walk and ride the ride. Climate Ride is a fantastic organization that is raising awareness, raising funds, and educating people.

— Tim Oey, Indy 2018

Climate Ride encouraged me to participate in a supported, physically challenging bike ride through the Rockies while raising funds for climate research and creating relationships with 3-dimensional, compassionate, and inspirational individuals. Although I am an experienced climate warrior, I am a novice biker and I felt supported and encouraged throughout the ride thanks to the extraordinary staff and fellow riders.

— Melissa Valentin, Colorado Ride 2018

A most excellent adventure!

— Aleasha Markley, Iceland Ride 2018

Iceland was my first Climate Ride, after supporting a friend on her California Coast Climate Ride I dove in head first and it was absolutely life changing! What an incredible experience! Beautiful landscape, wonderful people all in the middle of the land of fire and ice. I love the environment and love cycling and putting the two together for good is a winning combination! I can’t wait for my next Climate Ride adventure!

— Beth Walser, Iceland Ride 2018

Going on the Glacier Climate Hike in Montana was a world-class guided adventure and so much more. The highlight for me was participating with the wonderful speakers, fellow hikers, and guides – everyone made this not just a few days to see the beautiful glacial valleys, but also hear about and discuss so many diverse ways to understand and improve our environment. Inspiring, educational, and hopeful!

— Bryan Chan, Glacier Hike 2018

Overall fantastic, life-changing experience!

Climate Hike is a great way to not only challenge yourself but also your community to take actions that will create real change for our warming planet!

— Erin Mezgar, Glacier Hike 2018

I loved it. The park is gorgeous, the people were wonderful, I learned so much from the speakers–the whole thing was awesome!

Climate Ride is an innovative organization that makes it fun to contribute to the work being done on climate change. The Glacier Hike I participated in was a wonderful experience, very well-organized, a chance to meet some extremely interesting people and hike in a gorgeous national park–in short, a blast!

— Connie Shaw, Glacier Hike 2018