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Join Thousands Of People Who Are Getting Active For The Planet

Eli Akira Kaufman
Green Fondo Southern California

What could be better than riding with a group of pragmatic idealists who give a damn about the climate crisis while enjoying the planet they are committed to preserving? Climate Ride is the definition of pedaling with purpose!

Shannan Zister-Kasper
Glacier National Park Ride

Climate Ride exceeded all of our expectations for our family. Everything from the trip guides and pre-trip emails to the logistics of the ride was thoroughly planned. It checked all of our boxes- raising money and awareness for National Parks, promoted physical challenges with the bike rides and spent the day surrounded by incredible nature.

Bill McKibben, Co-Founder
Speaker on Climate Ride, Co-founder

There’s nothing, nothing, nothing that people could be doing that’s more important than what you guys are doing.

GusTavo Guerra Vásquez
Green Fondo Southern California

Climate Ride is an incredible experience! Their dynamic activities let us support beneficiaries working to ameliorate our impact on Mother Nature while having a great time. The Climate Ride community is also working intersectionally on social justice issues through their Grants and Community Leader programs. You won’t be the same after your first Climate Ride event!