So far, we’ve donated over $13 MILLION to our Beneficiary network! 

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Your donation, big or small, to the Climate Ride Annual Fund supports our work to inspire advocacy, transform lives, and fund initiatives critical to a sustainable future. Our Annual Fund donors also fund the Climate Ride Community Leader Awards for emerging leaders with a focus on young women and communities of color. Because of donors like you, we’ve also been able to underwrite our Green Fondo rides in 2022, 2023, as well as in 2024!

Since 2008, Climate Ride has inspired over 6,000 people to fundraise and to rise, bike, run, and hike over 1 million miles. The collective impact of these participants raising funds and spreading awareness to hundreds of thousands of people while promoting the Climate Ride cause has ripple effects across the nation.

By donating to our Annual Fund campaign, you are supporting the Climate Ride cause and our work to inspire and provide unmatched opportunities for citizens to engage themselves in the most pressing issues of our time.


You can help us to bring positive, lasting change. Together, we can grow Climate Ride’s global community and provide transformative experiences that inspire people to become environmental advocates and engaged citizens.


*Climate Ride is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations made to the Climate Ride Annual Fund are tax-deductible.

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See our 2022 Annual Report here!

We would like to recognize the donors who contributed to the 2023 Annual Fund.

Thanks to these generous supporters for helping Climate Ride to achieve its mission! You can join them by making a contribution here.

Founders Circle $2,500+

Bayne Family Fund

Betsy and Jesse Fink Charitable Fund

Chicory Wealth

Juan Benitez

Loewinger Family Gift Fund

March Conservation Fund

Roger Schwed

Sam & Peggy Grossman Family Foundation

Stacey Rashti, Aaron Rashti Family Foundation

Tom and Teresa Quinn

Williams Family Foundation


Stage Winners $500-$2,499

Cawdrey Gallery

Charles Malone

Charlie Vogelheim

David Howes

Emmett Foundation

Erica Gerzog

George Warrington

John Given

Josh Lasky

lisa drake

Mark and Darcy Zbinovec

Mark Wenzler

Mike Gillotte

Robert Kirchner

Sam and Deb Haines

Shamini Dhana

The Justis Law Firm LLC

Wei-Tai Kwok & Violet Hsu


Peloton Pioneers $150-$499

Anne Doyle

Barbara Larrain

Climate Rider #1

David Arkin and Anni Tilt

David Cox-Espenlaub

Donna Minter

Ed McKelvey

Emily Woo Zeller

Ethan Avey


Julie Munn Hale

K Cluff

Leah Lemoine

Linda Rhine

Mary Mulcaire-Jones

Megan Crider Lessne

Mr. Philip J. Geyer

Nancy Fleming

Pam McKelvey

Ray Flanery

Rick Rickard

Scott Morgan

Susan Steinberg-Oren in honor of Dave Conna’s life

And four anonymous donors

Friends of the Ride

Alex Litvak

Amy Davidman

Andy meislin

Art Bell

Bahz Iannoli

Barbara Rossman

Bob Schloss

Briana Forgie

Bruce Zavos and Eileen Ebert

Carle and Larry

Charlie Lipson

Chris Etterman

Chris Wagoner

Christine Siller

Chuck and Geri

Claudia Jemal Day

Danny Kugler

David Marsland

David R Conna

Deidre Corson

Eric Waltari


Geoffery W Seaver

Grant Knight

Greg & Tish Laemmle

GusTavo A. Guerra Vásquez (él/he/they)

Haley Larine Nielsen


In memory of Dave Conna


Jeri Howland and Jerry Edelbrock

Jheel Doshi

Jill C.

Jim Cole

John Hearne

John Metz


Kat Chen

Ken Segel

Kevin & Sherry Rast

Kierstin Schmitt

Kim Vrijen

Kyle Anderson


Laurie-Ann Barbour

Lina Loera

Lisa Maloney

Louise Rothman-Riemer

Lynde Selden II

Lynn Dodd

Lynn Kresch

Mackenzie Cole

Maria Figliola

Mike Daigle

Mimi Torres

Monica Heger

Natasja VG

Nicole Burgess

Patrick Larson

Philip D Dupont

Quintin Mecke

Randy Smothers

Rita Cramer

Robert Brandt

Robert MacDonald


Sara Smith

Scott L

Scott Wasserman

Shelby Strauss

Steve Katz

Steven Paget

sue bock

Therese Dorau

Tracy A

Wendy Hapgood

Wendy W. Peterson

William Todd

Yavar Moghimi

And eleven anonymous donors