As a lifetime cyclist, commuter, mountain biker, long-distance touring, get-everywhere-I-need-to-go, kind of cyclist, I never thought about doing an organized ride. A friend who is a passionate long-time Climate Rider (Team CASBA) finally talked me into it, and I understand now: Supported riding RULES! The model of gathering folks who love to ride bikes, and funneling that passion into fundraising around a shared love of the environment; then coupling that with GREAT routes, fun entertainment and perks? GENIUS! I’m sold. And what rockstars we are, just riding with a water bottle and a windbreaker on board while everything else is taken care of! Way to be together, have fun, stay enthusiastic AND raise money for good causes.

— Leslie Jackson, Green Fondo California

What could be better than riding with a group of pragmatic idealists who give a damn about the climate crisis while enjoying the planet they are committed to preserving? Climate Ride is the definition of pedaling with purpose!

— Eli Akira Kaufman, Green Fondo Southern California

This Climate Hike was a perfect mix of fun, bonding, physical challenge, immersion in nature’s power, experiencing the White Mountains cultural jewel of New England, great food, great staff. We all came together to address the climate crisis, for ourselves, for life as we know it, for those most vulnerable, for future generations. And we won’t stop.

— Doris Marlin, Climate Hike White Mountains

Thank you to the organizers and volunteers at Climate Ride for planning and executing an amazing, challenging, beautiful, and inspiring weekend for everyone. A year ago I wouldn’t have even dreamed that doing something like this could be a dream. I started biking last August with no real goals besides using Fremont’s [my town’s] bike lanes and maybe increasing my physical activity level. Not only have I done those things, but more than that, I’ve found something that gives me a lot of joy, helps me feel more connected to my community, and inspires me to be an active participant in making the world a better place.

— Kendra Toy, Green Fondo Northern California

Climate Ride exceeded all of our expectations for our family. Everything from the trip guides and pre-trip emails to the logistics of the ride was thoroughly planned. It checked all of our boxes- raising money and awareness for National Parks, promoted physical challenges with the bike rides and spent the day surrounded by incredible nature.

— Shannan Zister-Kasper, Glacier National Park Ride

Climate Ride is an incredible experience! Their dynamic activities let us support beneficiaries working to ameliorate our impact on Mother Nature while having a great time. The Climate Ride community is also working intersectionally on social justice issues through their Grants and Community Leader programs. You won’t be the same after your first Climate Ride event!

— GusTavo Guerra Vásquez, Green Fondo Southern California

The Green Fondo SoCal Climate Ride was a life-altering experience for me, someone who picked up bike riding just two years ago. Leading up to this weekend, I was nervous and unsure about what to expect for my first bike tour. Thanks to the support from friends, colleagues, and the Community Leader Award program, I embarked on a challenging fun-filled ride through beautiful Santa Barbara County, a place I am so fortunate to have called home for seven years. I challenged myself to ride the Media route, which took me along some of the most breathtaking scenery- literally! With every labored breath that I took through that nearly 70-mile stretch route, I questioned whether I was insane to be riding a bike this long. However, I mostly looked at the surrounding richly green canyons and felt immense gratitude for the opportunity to experience this place on two wheels. I felt supported by every crew member, rider, and friendly locals, who cheered on as I challenged my body through new extremes. Best of all, I made a ton of new friends with whom I now share such a memorable experience. Thanks, Climate Ride. See you out on the road!

— Alejandra Alvarez, Green Fondo Southern California 2023

Climate Ride Glacier was one of the most meaningful events I have done in my life. Riding with other athletes and sustainability advocates to propel this mission forward was both inspiring and rewarding. Over the course of only a few days, we traveled to all extents of Glacier National Park, and most notably got to experience Going to the Sun Road in all its glory (without cars!) This perspective from the saddle – and from being outside all day, every day during the trip – really enhanced my appreciation for, and desire to help preserve this beautiful park right here in our own country. Doing this ride with phenomenal people, supportive guides and incredibly knowledgeable stuff made the trip exceptional.

— Sara Wing, Glacier 2022

I choose Climate Ride and its programs as my beneficiaries because participating in this event has brought me so much inspiration for my day-to-day work on climate advocacy, and, importantly, so much joy and community in the cause. The people I meet on Climate Ride, including the Climate Ride staff and volunteers, are so inspiring to me. Every year I ride with climate warriors contributing to the solutions in so many ways, and every year I finish the ride feeling renewed and refreshed and inspired – and with new friends and a community that has come to mean so much to me. Not least, this event is so much fun! I’ve been working on climate change advocacy for nearly 15 years, and this is the single-most-fun thing I do year over year. A successful social movement needs fun to succeed, and here it is! So grateful for Climate Ride staff, volunteers, and riders for bringing the fun and inspiration!

— Liz Judge, Mendocino 2022
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