Grassroots advocacy and policy work takes a tremendous mental and emotional toll on nonprofit leaders. Having the opportunity to join Climate Ride on their Big Sur ride as a result of their Community Award was the best thing for my organization’s success in 2019! Riding with like-minded advocates, environmentalists, and value-driven individuals was refreshing, rewarding, and left me rejuvenated to tackle the biggest issues facing my community. I arrived knowing no one and left with over 100 new friends and allies in the fight for a better world. I am so grateful to Climate Ride for this opportunity. Thank you Climate Ride!

— Nicole Ver Kuilen, California Central Coast 2019

I had a fantastic time riding and dancing to a RAD band at the Green Fondo 2019! Hope there are more to come!

— Erin Boyle, Green Fondo 2019

Finding Climate Ride has been like finding family! A family that reinforces your efforts for the environment and inspires further action.

— Robert MacDonald, Adriatic Ride 2019

Inspirational, yes, but Climate Ride is more than that. It challenges you to do – not just to do the ride, but to change your ways, to advocate for sustainability, to connect with others, to let your guard down and learn, experience and internalize.

— Alix Cotumaccio, Adriatic Ride 2019
I moved to the US in 2017 to be with my wife. We met together on a cycling trip in my home country Cambodia in 2012. She was a tourist and I was her tour guide! Being in the US now is so much different from my home in Cambodia. I never knew how people here can love and care about the environment. I cannot complain about Cambodians because everybody there is still trying to survive. Thinking about the environment for them is them is far away because they are worried about their individual life. But I know about climate change will affect Cambodia and other developing countries. So I am glad I can learn and see how people change their lifestyles to be better for the environment. Our climate ride had a lot of different people but they all have the same heart and believe we can do something for the environment. With their own styles and special strategies too! I was very interested in Tim Oey who cycled across the country and shared with his about his zero-waste living.
About the ride, it really was a beautiful cycling route. It was a long time ago but I can’t remember exactly where, but one of the beautiful places was climbing up a mountain with the fog and we saw cows and farmland. I also remember the stinky sea lions at Carmel. We had a good shower that night too – the hot truck shower!
— Cham An, California Central Coast 2019
I had an incredible experience at Green Fondo!
Green Fondo was my first Climate Ride. I enjoyed 2-day rides w/ spectacular views, routes (yes, wind was the beast :), meeting great Climate Riders & Climate Ride staff and raising awareness and doing something towards Climate Change & environmental issues.
Secondarily, I was very impressed by how the Climate Ride team worked to make Green Fondo successful and make the Climate Riders feel welcomed, comfortable and supportive. I felt everyone in your team was friendly and pleasant to make the weekend enjoyable for the riders seamlessly. I’d like to thank each of your team members to make Green Fondo successful and helped my 1st Climate Ride experience spectacular.
I’m looking forward to participating in another Climate Ride trip in the future.
— Akemi Masaoka-Baxter, Green Fondo 2019

The NorCal Green Fondo is my third Climate Ride and I have loved participating in all 3! It is a great way to be actively engaged in climate action solutions, raise money for sustainable causes, and meet other climate and cycling advocates. Each event has been impeccably well organized and supported, and the staff is warm, friendly, and helpful. Above all, it is a joy to get out and ride on beautiful roads!

— Ian MacLeod, Green Fondo 2019

I had such an incredible adventure with Climate Ride at the Rogue River. The trail we traveled was so beautiful, it was idyllic. All the logistics were taken care of, and the food was terrific! The rafting company chose the most magnificent locations for our tents and provided everything we needed to enjoy ourselves at the end of the day. Climate Ride brought together an inspirational group of people to run (and walk) and getting to know the other participants was a highlight of the trip. All and all, a fantastic run! I can’t wait to sign up for another Climate Ride experience!

— Kim Vrijen, Rogue River 2019

The Climate Ride in Bear’s Ears National Monument was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on! Everybody who participates in the ride is really passionate about climate advocacy and it is a great opportunity to meet life-long friends from all walks of life.

— Sarah Marquez, Bears Ears 2019
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