The 2017 efforts of this small but passionate and powerful group raised over $765,000 that were distributed in grants to beneficiaries. It’s often difficult to see any impact on the world from our individual efforts. I support Climate Ride because my and my donors’ efforts don’t disappear into the ether. When I return to Glacier NP in the coming years and see solar panels at Apgar VC, I will take pride in that. And I will be thankful and proud of all of you that helped.

— Robert MacDonald, Iceland 2018

Climate Ride Nova Scotia was absolutely incredible! The views were spectacular, the food was amazing. 

Ever since my first Climate Ride, Bar Harbor to Boston, I’ve been hooked and come back annually. I feel like I finally found my charity ride that gives me a purpose. The organization is always flawless (and the organizers are wonderful people), my fellow riders are like-minded and motivated, and you can raise money for your own local cause (CommonWheels in Boston). And to achieve all of this while doing my favorite thing, riding a bike! It’s the best experience possible!

— Laura Gray, Nova Scotia 2018

With amazing riding and scenery and the wonderful people you meet sharing the experience, Climate Ride is the most inspiring way to recharge your batteries.

— John Given, Nova Scotia 2018

Loved it! The route was gorgeous. The staff was outstanding. The weather was perfect. It was a wonderful way for me to ease back onto my bike.

The six Climate Ride events that I have completed I consider to be among my proudest achievements as someone who loves the planet, who loves to give back, and who loves to cycle and hike. If you want to hit this awesome love trifecta, too, then sign up today!!

— Katrina Peterson, Colorado 2018

I’ve had the honor of participating in four Climate Rides so far and the experience gets better and more impactful each time. The ride itself is the gold standard – flawlessly and painstakingly planned – with some of the best views and trails I have ever seen. The fundraising is never as hard and daunting as I think it’s going to be as friends and new friends are eager to support this important cause. But most importantly, it’s about the people I have met – from the stellar and accomplished crew to the riders who are all doing real things to help the planet be a better place. I always come back feeling better about humanity and the world.

— David Falk, Northern Michigan 2018

Pure inspiration!

One of my favorite traveling adventures of all time. Great people, incredible scenery and challenging biking. I loved the educational aspects as well. The different speakers and stakeholders: rangers, conservancy, Jeff Mow, Black Feet, etc. I felt like our efforts will make a positive impact with the park. I can’t wait to sign up for another one!


— Matthew Homyak, Glacier Ride 2018

Climate Ride was by far one of the most challenging, yet fulfilling experiences that I’ve had in my adulthood life. I was inspired, I learned a lot and met some amazing like-minded individuals who care deeply about our planet and want to or are actively making a difference in our Planet. I would strongly encourage anyone who is considering Climate Ride to just do it!

— Marcrina Robinson, Northern Michigan Ride 2018

Climate Ride Northern Michigan was awseome–a well-organized ride through some beautiful country! We raised over $10,000 for our organization and had a blast doing it.

— Jonathan Nieuwsma, President Citizens' Greener Evanston, Northern Michigan Ride 2018

I ride to encourage more people to walk the walk and ride the ride. Climate Ride is a fantastic organization that is raising awareness, raising funds, and educating people.

— Tim Oey, Indy 2018
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