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Cham An, California Central Coast

I moved to the US in 2017 to be with my wife. We met together on a cycling trip in my home country Cambodia in 2012. She was a tourist and I was her tour guide! Being in the US now is so much different from my home in Cambodia. I never knew how people here can love and care about the environment. I cannot complain about Cambodians because everybody there is still trying to survive. Thinking about the environment for them is them is far away because they are worried about their individual life. But I know about climate change will affect Cambodia and other developing countries. So I am glad I can learn and see how people change their lifestyles to be better for the environment. Our climate ride had a lot of different people but they all have the same heart and believe we can do something for the environment. With their own styles and special strategies too! I was very interested in Tim Oey who cycled across the country and shared with his about his zero-waste living.
About the ride, it really was a beautiful cycling route. It was a long time ago but I can’t remember exactly where, but one of the beautiful places was climbing up a mountain with the fog and we saw cows and farmland. I also remember the stinky sea lions at Carmel. We had a good shower that night too – the hot truck shower!