Wow, right?

When we met these folks in person, we were just as amazed by their kick-ass passion for people and planet, as we were by their jaw-dropping fundraising. Bravo to our top fundraisers for going above and beyond fundraising for the Climate Ride cause!

It takes dedication and hard work to achieve fundraising goals at any level and we are grateful to all of our participants for their efforts. Thank you for all you are doing for the betterment of our planet and all her residents.

The $10k+ Club

Platinum Level ($50,000+)

Awaiting the first member!

Gold Level ($25,000+)
Gregory LaemmleCalifornia 2015$30,115
Andy SabinNYC-DC 2014$26,500


Silver Level ($15,000+)
MarkFerronClimate Ride California 2015$21,560
DanielLeavertonClimate Ride California 2014$18,813
LouisRosenthalClimate Ride NYC-DC 2016$17,765
GregLaemmleClimate Ride Pacific Northwest 2017$17,604
GregLaemmleClimate Ride California 2014$16,646
GregLaemmleClimate Ride California 2016$15,997.18
carrieungermanClimate Ride California 2015$15,536
SteveTenElshofClimate Ride Midwest 2014$15,476
LouisRosenthalClimate Ride Midwest 2015$15,285
JimKelseyIndependent Challenge 2017$15,186
Bronze Level ($10,000+)
DaveHowesClimate Ride California 2014$14,650
TishLaemmleClimate Ride Pacific Northwest 2017$14,250
DaveHowesClimate Ride California 2015$14,200.19
SatchSlavinClimate Ride California 2013$13,914.53
JennyShuClimate Ride California 2012$13,466.66
RonaldSherClimate Ride California 2015$13,430
EmilyLoeksClimate Ride Midwest 2014$13,299.5
JohnGrossmanGlacier Ride 2015$13,200
GregOlsonGlacier Ride 2015$12,850
TishLaemmleClimate Ride Nova Scotia 2018$12,747.81
DavidShawDeath Valley Ride 2016$12,650
DavidBakerClimate Ride California 2013$12,451.88
JenniferLeedsClimate Ride Northeast 2015$12,275.45
ElliotEversClimate Ride California 2012$12,050
DanielLeavertonClimate Ride California 2015$11,845
Keys toFreezeIndependent Challenge 2015$11,700
DickSmithClimate Ride Midwest 2014$11,565
MonikaWeber-FahrClimate Ride NYC-DC 2013$11,425
DanielLeedsClimate Ride Northeast 2015$113,20.5
MattO'GradyClimate Ride Colorado 2018$11,275
EileenQuigleyClimate Ride Pacific Northwest 2016$11,137
AnnCarlsonClimate Hike Glacier MT 2015$11,110
ShaminiDhanaClimate Ride Bhutan 2018$11,006
SteveTenElshofClimate Ride Northeast 2015$10,903.14
HeidiSoliday BensonClimate Ride Pacific Northwest 2017$10,845
LaurenVan HamIndependent Challenge 2014$10,810
SteveHoffnerClimate Ride Northeast 2015$10,803
DaveHowesClimate Ride California 2017$10,635
GregLaemmleClimate Ride California 2013$10,598
ElliotEversClimate Ride NYC-DC 2013$10,540
MichaelKieschnickClimate Ride Death Valley 2017$10,515
KavitaMishraClimate Ride Bhutan 2018$10,351
DavidBakerClimate Ride California 2017$10,314.26
TimFrickClimate Ride Midwest 2014$10,252.76
Nick StiassniClimate Ride Independent Challenge 2018$10,120
DaveHowesClimate Ride California 2018$10,107
GregLaemmleClimate Ride Nova Scotia 2018$10,056
SusanGreenClimate Ride California 2012$10,048
GregHeiningClimate Ride California 2018$10,000.32

Lifetime $25k+ Club

Congratulations to these fundraisers who have raised $25k+ over multiple Climate Ride events! All of these incredible fundraisers have participated in at least two Climate Ride events.

Titanium Level ($100,000+) (AKA Laemmle Level AKA Beast Mode)
Greg Laemmle$101,016.18
Platinum Level ($50,000+)
Steve TenElshof$47,278.14
Roger Schwed$45,498.66
Elliot Evers$40,070
Tim Frick$39,472.20
Marc Horwitz$38,803.86
John Grossman$37,914.67
David Arkin$34,115.33
Dirk Rosen$34,009.05
Karl Danz$33,961.01
Shamini Dhana$33,859
Louis Rosenthal$33,550
Merlin Clarke$33,537.47
David Coale$33,057
Daniel Leaverton$30,658
Steve Hoffner$30,403
Katrina Peterson$28,374
Catherine Bock$27,658.75
Tish Laemmle$26,997.81
Andy Sabin$26,500
Dennis Desmarais$25,030.3
Gold Level ($25,000+)
Name Total RaisedNumber of Events
Steve TenElshof$39,6285 events
Roger Schwed$41,498 9 events
Elliot Evers$40,1705 events
John Grossman$38,1646 events
Marc Horwitz$34,1695 events
Louis Rosenthal$33,5503 events
Merlin Clarke$33,5375 events
Tim Frick$31,232 9 events
Daniel Leaverton$30,6582 events
David Arkin$30,105 5 events
Steve Hoffner$29,653 4 events
Karl Danz$28,2115 events
David Coale$27,422 5 events
Shamini Dhana$26,3178 events
Dirk Rosen$26,276 6 events
Katrina Peterson$26,2245 events

Top 10 Teams

Top 10 Fundraising Teams
1. LACBCCalifornia 2015 $112,006
2. LACBCCalifornia 2017 $111,648
3. LACBCCalifornia 2016$83,814
4. WOLFPACKIceland 2017$76,241
5. NRDCNYC-DC 2012$75,072
6. LACBCCalifornia 2014$74,026
7. SFBCCalifornia 2017$63,389
8. SycamoreMidwest 2015$54,510
9. Climate OneCalifornia 2017$53,381
10. Bike Santa Cruz CountyCalifornia 2017$50,993