Wow, right?

When we met these folks in person, we were just as amazed by their kick-ass passion for people and planet, as we were by their jaw-dropping fundraising. Bravo to our top fundraisers for going above and beyond fundraising for the Climate Ride cause!

It takes dedication and hard work to achieve fundraising goals at any level and we are grateful to all of our participants for their efforts. Thank you for all you are doing for the betterment of our planet and all of her residents.

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The $10k+ Club

Platinum Level ($50,000+)

Awaiting the first member!

Gold Level ($25,000+)
Name Event Total Raised
Michael PattersonOld Men Energizing the Nation Independent Challenge Ride$41,210
Greg Laemmle
California 2015$30,115
Andy SabinNYC-DC 2014
Tish LaemmleNova Scotia 2018$25,150


Silver Level ($15,000+)
Name Event Total Raised
Mark FerronCalifornia 2015$21,560
Greg LaemmleCalifornia 2021$19,011
Daniel LeavertonCalifornia 2014$18,813
Greg LaemmleNova Scotia 2018$18,450
Louis RosenthalNYC-DC 2016$17,765
Greg LaemmlePacific Northwest 2017$17,604
Dennis DesmaraisIndependent Challenge 2021$16,757.10
Greg LaemmleCalifornia 2014$16,646
Greg LaemmleCalifornia 2016$15,997.18
Jim SayerClosing the Circle Independent Challenge 2021$15,550
carrie ungermanCalifornia 2015$15,536
Steve TenElshofMidwest 2014$15,476
Louis RosenthalMidwest 2015$15,285
Jim KelseyIndependent Challenge 2017$15,186
Bronze Level ($10,000+)
NameEventTotal Raised
Dave HowesClimate Ride California 2014$14,650.00
Tish LaemmleClimate Ride Pacific Northwest 2017$14,250.00
Dave HowesClimate Ride California 2015$14,200.19
Satch SlavinClimate Ride California 2013$13,914.53
Jenny ShuClimate Ride California 2012$13,466.66
Ronald SherClimate Ride California 2015$13,430.00
Emily LoeksClimate Ride Midwest 2014$13,299.50
John GrossmanGlacier Ride 2015$13,200.00
Timothy OeyIndependent Challenge 2019$13,193.03
Greg OlsonGlacier Ride 2015$12,850.00
David ShawDeath Valley Ride 2016$12,650.00
David BakerClimate Ride California 2013$12,451.88
John GivenClimate Ride New England 2019$12,400.00
Jennifer LeedsClimate Ride Northeast 2015$12,275.45
John GivenClimate Ride Utah 2020$12,135.00
Elliot EversClimate Ride California 2012$12,050.00
Daniel LeavertonClimate Ride California 2015$11,845.00
Dave HowesClimate Ride California 2019$11,795.00
Edward McKelveyClimate Hike Rogue River 2021$11,705.00
Keys to FreezeIndependent Challenge 2015$11,700.00
Phoebe MooreClimate Ride New England 2019$11,600.00
Dick SmithClimate Ride Midwest 2014$11,565.00
nick stiassniIndependent Challenge 2018$11,520.00
Dennis DesmaraisIndependent Challenge 2020$11,481.00
Monika Weber-FahrClimate Ride NYC-DC 2013$11,425.00
Daniel LeedsClimate Ride Northeast 2015$11,320.50
Matt O'GradyClimate Ride Colorado 2018$11,275.00
Eileen QuigleyClimate Ride Pacific Northwest 2016$11,137.00
Ann CarlsonClimate Hike Glacier MT 2015$11,110.00
Tim FrickClimate Ride Northern Michigan 2018$11,060.00
Roger SchwedClimate Ride Maine 2021$11,025
Shamini DhanaClimate Ride Bhutan 2018$11,006.00
Kelly CowdenClimate Ride Colorado 2018$10,964.50
Amy DavidmanClimate Ride California Central Coast 2019$10,934.50
Steve TenElshofClimate Ride Northeast 2015$10,903.14
Heidi Soliday BensonClimate Ride Pacific Northwest 2017$10,845.00
Lauren Van HamIndependent Challenge 2014$10,810.00
Steve HoffnerClimate Ride Northeast 2015$10,803.00
Dave HowesClimate Ride California 2018$10,710.00
Dave HowesClimate Ride California 2017$10,635.00
Greg LaemmleClimate Ride California 2013$10,598.00
Elliot EversClimate Ride NYC-DC 2013$10,540.00
Michael KieschnickClimate Ride Death Valley 2017$10,515.00
Emma-Louise AndersonClimate Ride Southern Arizona 2021$10,475.00
Robert BrandtGlacier Ride 2021$10,352.00
Kavita MishraClimate Ride Bhutan 2018$10,351.00
Dave HowesClimate Ride Death Valley 2021$10,330
David BakerClimate Ride California 2017$10,314.26
Tim FrickClimate Ride Midwest 2014$10,252.76
Dave HowesClimate Ride California 2021$10,250.00
Ethan AClimate Ride Bears Ears 2019$10,228.00
Susan GreenClimate Ride California 2012$10,048.00
William FlaggClimate Ride Independent Challenge Cross-Country for Climate 2021$10,038.46
Greg HeiningClimate Ride California 2018$10,000.32
Dave HowesClimate Ride California Weekender 2021$10,000.00
Dennis DesmaraisIndependent Challenge 2019$10,000.00
Linda Engh-GradyClimate Ride White Rim 2021$10,000.00

Lifetime $25k+ Club

Congratulations to these fundraisers who have raised $25k+ over multiple Climate Ride events! All of these incredible fundraisers have participated in at least two Climate Ride events.

Titanium Level ($100,000+) (AKA Howes Level AKA Beast Mode)
NameTotal Raised Number of Events
Dave Howes$137,484.6326
Greg Laemmle$128,421.189
Steve TenElshof$107,818.1426
Platinum Level ($50,000+)
NameTotal RaisedNumber of Events
Roger Schwed$72,123.6618
Dennis Desmarais$63,468.4011
John Given$62,909.6211
Julie Hale$61,126.4416
Emma-Louise Anderson$52,27519
Tim Frick$50,842.4214
Gold Level ($25,000+)
NameTotal RaisedNumber of Events
Andrew Loewinger$48,687.0014
Steve Hoffner$48,235.8010
John Grossman$47,289.6712
Shamini Dhana$47,178.0014
Katrina Peterson$44,224.0011
David Arkin$46,642.3312
Dirk Rosen$43,839.029
Marc Horwitz$43,477.868
David Coale$42,907.0011
Michael Patterson$41,210.001
Elliot Evers$40,070.005
Tish Laemmle$39,600.815
Ethan A$37,242.1210
Catherine Bock$36,452.0014
Gary Justis$36,412.3518
Daniel Leaverton$35,854.004
Karl Danz$34,061.018
Louis Rosenthal$33,550.003
Merlin Clarke$33,537.475
Lisa Daniels$33,140.009
Kristen Lease$35,397.6914
Karl Danz$34,061.018
Louis Rosenthal$33,5503
Merlin Clarke$33,537.475
Lisa Daniels$33,1409
Dave Conna$32,496.5010
David Marsland$31,445.0413
Robert Vogel$31,320.0011
Ivan Samuels$30,627.0012
Heidi Soliday Benson$30,474.005
Greg Dalton$30,435.0011
Kevin Rast$29,099.0012
Terrell Richard$28,904.975
Edgar DeMeo$28,685.004
Timothy Oey$28,422.176
Robert MacDonald$28,315.0012
Sid Madison$28,114.4711
Nora Hipolito$27,076.726
Jim Kuster$26,58014
Andy Sabin$26,500.001
Alix Cotumaccio$25,947.0012

Top 10 Teams

Top 10 Fundraising Teams
1. LACBCCalifornia 2015 $112,006
2. LACBCCalifornia 2017 $111,648
3. LACBCCalifornia 2016$83,814
4. WOLFPACKIceland 2017$76,241
5. NRDCNYC-DC 2012$75,072
6. LACBCCalifornia 2014$74,026
7. SFBCCalifornia 2018$71,321
8. SFBCCalifornia 2017$63,389
9. LACBCCalifornia 2018$62,336
10. SYCAMOREMidwest 2015$54,510