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Your donation to a Climate Ride participant allows them to deepen their advocacy, raise awareness, and provide crucial funding for Climate Ride’s grant programs. For more ways to donate, including DAF, securities, or to support the Annual Fund, please scroll down.

Participants – send donors directly to your fundraising page so they can read about your inspiration for participating! You can share your page by logging in here. From there, click on “View Your Page” in the right hand column under “Your Fundraising”. Scroll to the bottom and click on “Get Page Link” under “Get The Word Out”.

Climate Ride and Green Fondo events are produced by Climate Ride (Tax ID # 27-1777457), a nonprofit, public benefit corporation recognized as tax-exempt under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3). Donations to Climate Ride are deductible for income tax purposes to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

Climate Ride’s mailing address: 111 N. Higgins Ave., Suite 415, Missoula, MT 59082

Your contributions drive our shared vision for a healthy planet. Climate Ride is dedicated to using your donations to help build a sustainable world. When you donate support our work, you’re directly helping to foster a greener tomorrow.

In your donor-advised fund’s online portal, please be sure to include the name of the participant you are supporting. If you would like to make a donation by check, please use our Donation by Mail form.

A great way to multiply the impact of your donors’ support is to encourage donors to see if their employer matches charitable giving. As long as the matching gift comes in before the fundraising for your ride closes (December 1st of the year you participate for most events; end of June 30th for Green Fondos that happen before July), it counts toward your goal. Matching donations are often processed quarterly by companies, so if you want to take advantage of matching donations to get to your fundraising minimum, be sure to start early! If you’re counting on a match to meet your minimum and it’s looking like it may not come until after the event, please reach out to us as soon as you can.

The process is pretty simple: First, a donor makes a donation to a participant or to the Climate Ride Annual Fund. Then, they can contact their company’s HR department to begin the matching process. Be sure to note how often the company sends out matches – some only do it annually, while others do it quarterly. You’ll also want to ask your donor to include your full name with the match, as it appears on your Climate Ride Profile. Once the match arrives in the Climate Ride office, we’ll post it right to your fundraising page.

Here is the information you will typically need for your company’s matching donation form:

Organization Name: Climate Ride

EIN/Tax ID #: 27-1777457

Mailing Address: 111 N. Higgins Ave. Suite 415, Missoula, MT 59802

Primary Contact: [email protected], 406-493-6315

Any questions? Email us!

A gift of stock can be a great way for a donor to support a participant while at the same time lessening their tax burden! To facilitate electronic payment, receipt, and proper acknowledgment of the gift to our account at Vanguard, please download and complete the form below. You will fill out the Gift Details section and provide your broker with the specific information included in the Delivery Instructions section.