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Sarah Brousseau, Patagonia

When I saw the announcement of Climate Ride Patagonia, I knew I absolutely had to sign up, that if I didn’t, I would miss out on an adventure of a lifetime. Now, after having fundraised for and participated in Climate Ride Patagonia, I can completely confirm that sentiment.
Climate Ride, in both their domestic and international trips, offers experiences of a lifetime. They give you an opportunity to ride, hike, or run in environments you haven’t even dreamt of seeing. You’re amongst nature as old as time, walking on rock carved out by glaciers and biking in places shaped by volcanoes. Climate Ride flawlessly organizes events so you, as the participant, can experience the ever-changing dynamic of nature and how humans have impacted it. They’re able to take the intangible, wrap it up and gift it to you as an adventure through time and place. Climate Ride events are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and somehow, each event is unique, innovative, and indefinitely more powerful than the one before.