My Glacier Ride counts as one of my top life experiences. I believe climate change is the foundation to address most social issues. The combination of physical exercise on a bike immersed in spectacular landscape and wildlife, along people who care about the environment is a recipe for personal growth, community building, and world change. I recommend this experience for any and all who seek to make a difference and feel good about it.

— Matt Lombard, Glacier National Park 2021

Being able to participate this summer in the Glacier Climate Hike was a soul inspiring and bucket list event for me. I invited my sister to join and we both were able to push our limits and spend quality time with each other in an amazing group of people. Being able to raise money to help support organizations as they address the climate crisis is so important – – and participating helped me to better educate others to get involved as well. We all need to become engaged in helping to solve this crisis – – and the Climate Ride program is an innovative and exceptional way to do this.

— Elizabeth Soper, Glacier Hike 2021

Participating in a Climate Ride in 2021 was exactly the respite and recharge I needed. The scenery, singletrack, and swimming holes were amazing. Getting to know fellow Climate Riders and hearing their stories and perspectives on solutions to our climate crisis was inspiring and empowering. I can’t wait to go again!

— Alison Riley, Vermont 2021

Climate Ride Maine was a joyous and rewarding experience! After completing the fundraising and the ride, I come back to my community, feeling strong and empowered and happy. I work in the field of bicycle education and advocacy, and it might sound strange to take time off to go on a long bike ride while raising money and bringing attention to organizations that are doing fine work in the areas of sustainability, health, and transportation advocacy, but for me, it was the ideal vacation! I got to be deliriously active (in a good way) every day while contributing to the bigger solutions around climate action, all in the company of some pretty wonderful people.

— Sarah Hadler, Maine 2021

Hiking the Rogue River Trail was like stepping deep into the grandeur of nature, and with Climate Ride leading the way I trusted we would do no harm, taking only the experience, leaving only footprints – to paraphrase. Having the experience strengthened my commitment to supporting efforts to protect our treasured natural resources and confront our climate crisis.

— Pamela Popeson, Rogue River Hike 2021

Climate Ride Glacier was one of the most meaningful events I have done in my life. Riding with other athletes and sustainability advocates to propel this mission forward was both inspiring and rewarding. Over the course of only a few days, we traveled to all extents of Glacier National Park, and most notably got to experience Going to the Sun Road in all its glory (without cars!) This perspective from the saddle – and from being outside all day, every day during the trip – really enhanced my appreciation for, and desire to help preserve this beautiful park right here in our own country. Doing this ride with phenomenal people, supportive guides and incredibly knowledgeable stuff made the trip exceptional.

— Sara Wing, Glacier 2022

It was a pleasant surprise to be asked to consider applying for a Community Leader Award. Honestly I wasn’t sure if anyone would be up for it and nobody on our team of four had ever participated in an event like this. There are a lot of reasons why someone might decide against participating; doubts over physical ability, apprehensions about fundraising, vulnerability and anxiety about a group event. While the removal of registration fees and fundraising requirements helps make the decision a little easier by removing those barriers, holding dedicated space for often marginalized communities to join and participate on their own terms is just as important. Thanks to the Climate Ride staff for being super helpful and supportive!

— Jesse Fernandez, Green Fondo California 2022

After participating in seven Climate Ride events (eight if you count Climate Rise!) I continue to be impressed with the Climate Ride staff as well as the community of riders–I couldn’t ask to be part of a kinder, more thoughtful, and incredibly fun group of people, all brought together by our desire to combine our passions for cycling with making the world a better place.

— Anne Sauer, California Central Coast 2021

Being a Community Leader Awardee was an awesome experience. It allowed me to join a Climate Ride I wouldn’t have been able to and it gave me the opportunity to share my organization’s story with passionate people. I was able to present on the youth climate work I do for Action for the Climate Emergency (ACE) in front of nearly 200 people! I met so many people afterward who wanted to connect about youth activism and organizing. Plus, I had an amazing time riding, making new friends, and dancing to the evening band. This was a great way to strengthen my relationship with Climate Ride as a fund recipient, and to represent ACE in the saddle. I can’t wait to do the Climate Ride again, and I hope next time that I can take an ACE contingent with me. It’s a life-changing experience.

— Ash Lauth, Green Fondo California 2022