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Our Impact

Since our first ride in 2008, we’ve been aiming to make eco-action everyone’s priority, we’re stoked to say we’ve traveled pretty far! Millions raised, more than 164,802 lives touched, over 325 organizations supported—thanks to over 150 epically inspiring events. We’re not just biking; we’re hiking and running for Mother Earth too!

By pedal power, hiking, and running, our community has helped to power legal defenses for our planet’s forests, installed solar panels in national parks, fueled the voices of sustainable transit, and sparked renewable energy initiatives in our national sanctuaries.

In 2021, Climate Ride created an action grants program to support organizations fighting systemic racism, expanding access to the outdoors for underserved communities, and making progress on environmental and social justice. So far we’ve granted $120,000 and we’re nowhere near hitting the brakes!

Climate Ride partners with 501(c)(3) non-profits that align with our mission and have a solid reputation. We refer to these organizations as Beneficiaries. To stay on our Beneficiary list, organizations must also actively engage their supporters. Grants are awarded based on participant selection and fundraising.

Whether you’re cycling through Iceland or along the California coast, you’re joining a tight-knit alumni network that’s all about staying plugged in. Beyond the events, we’re still brainstorming, still uniting, and most definitely still acting. Trust us, the ideas and friendships that spark here don’t fizzle out.

We have a rich network of Climate Ride alumni who are eager to offer a spare bedroom, talk about getting solar into rural communities, or give you a ride to the bike shop when your fork cracks on that last stretch of your cross country bike packing trip. The cross-pollination of ideas that occur on our events inspires action and partnerships that endure long after participants pack their bags and head home. Together, we come together to make change happen, whether it’s by underwriting our Green Fondos so 100% of fundraising goes to our Beneficiary Partners or creating scholarships so everyone can join our events.


Climate Ride is committed to building an inclusive environmental movement, led by people with varied backgrounds and perspectives. That’s why Climate Ride grants Community Leader Awards to a diverse group of young advocates across the nation. Their participation in our charitable events is key to building intergenerational unity and strength.

Climate Ride partners with eligible community-based organizations to make the award program a success. These partner organizations each develop their own nomination and application process for selecting scholarship recipients. Climate Ride partners are also instrumental in providing training for the event, securing necessary equipment, and mentoring the awardee before the event.

Over 600 advocacy meets and counting! When we ride to DC, we put the pedal to the political metal. While we’re non-partisan, we’re all about educating you and empowering you to speak up. Think of it as “civic duty meets climate duty.”

Climate Ride energizes an already highly engaged community around sustainability and active transportation. Through online platforms and personal networks, Climate Ride alumni stay in touch and continue to collaborate long after each event.

Climate Ride’s charitable events offer the only setting where people who work on sustainability from different angles have the opportunity to spend multiple days together on an exciting, active adventure. It’s like a rolling (or hiking or running) summer camp for environmental adults!

The cross-pollination of ideas that occurs on a ride inspires action and partnerships that endure long after participants pack their bags and head home.

Ready to gear up and make a difference? Whether you’re an award-winning activist or just want to chip in, there’s room for you in our Climate Ride family. Come make some noise—and some friends while you’re at it!