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Glacier Ride

A charitable cycling event spanning two spectacular national parks and two countries, Glacier Ride explores some of the wildest lands in the lower 48. With spectacular mountains, golden grasslands, and stunning wildflowers, every mile of this ride is a jaw-dropping celebration of our national parks.

Our journey explores the ancient temperate forests on the western slope of the Continental Divide, the picturesque beauty of Waterton, a UNESCO biosphere, and then ends with soaring views on our final night when we sleep in tipis on the prairie. Proceeds from Glacier Ride fund clean energy, conservation, and bicycling efforts in Glacier National Park.

Can’t join us this year?

Hotel options available
Group Size
Fundraising Commitment
Reg Fee $150
Trip Length
6 Days
Recommended Bike
Road bike
Gravel bike ok too

Glacier Ride is a 6-day charitable cycling event spanning two spectacular national parks and two countries — Glacier National Park on the U.S. side and Waterton National Park on the Canadian side. Glacier National Park captures the essence of what the pristine, undisturbed Rocky Mountain region has been like over thousands of years. This bike ride explores some of the wildest land in the lower 48. But this ecosystem is threatened by development, climate change, and exotic species. By fundraising and participating in Glacier Ride, you are raising awareness of the issues facing Glacier and seeing first-hand what is at stake. Proceeds from Glacier Ride have funded important clean energy, wildlife, research and conservation projects in Glacier National Park.

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This charitable trip includes cycling (with daily routes to accommodate your cycling ability), rafting, and hiking options.

This trip is being run in tandem with the Climate Hike Glacier providing a unique opportunity for couples or friends who want to explore Glacier and Waterton National Parks but maybe aren’t both bikers or both hikers. Camps and meals will be shared each night while the hikers explore each day on foot, and the bikers explore by bike.

From the first moment we enter Glacier National Park on bikes, you will see that this is more than a cycling event — it is an inspiring journey with fellow cyclists who share an interest in preserving Glacier and Waterton for generations to come.

Glacier Ride is a special departure that benefits the Glacier National Park Conservancy. The Glacier National Park Conservancy is the official fundraising and outreach partner of Glacier National Park. The Conservancy helps assure the Glacier National Park experience by providing support for preservation, education, and research through philanthropy and outreach.  The Conservancy supports and invests in extraordinary Glacier projects that sustain Glacier National Park for generations today, and for the future.

On Glacier Ride, you’ll spend five days cycling the roads that traverse the “Crown of the Continent,” including the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road. You’ll see majestic, 500-year old cedar forests under threat of wildfires and glaciers in fast retreat. You’ll pedal your bike near stunning aretes, high alpine mountain passes, glacial lakes, and waterfalls. On the sixth day, you’ll get to raft the Middle Fork of the Flathead River, completing our circumnavigation of these two parks by following the river back to the West Glacier. Professional Glacier Guides and Climate Ride leaders will accompany us each day to teach us about Glacier’s unique ecosystem, so you can bring this knowledge home to your community.

Climate Ride takes care of all the details, so you can focus on fundraising, training, and then cycling along carefully planned routes.

This bike ride is up to 250 miles and is meant to be challenging yet doable. You’ll have all day to ride your bike and all evening to learn and connect. All cycling takes place on paved roads. This charitable trip is fully supported, and our team is always nearby to assist you, keep you happy and healthy, and make your adventure worry-free and memorable. The final day of the cycling event includes a beautiful and educational 1/2-day raft trip along the Class II-III section (moderate) of the incredible Flathead River.

All breakfasts, dinners, packed lunches, snacks, camping, guiding, and shuttles are included. Participants must bring their own tent, sleeping bag, and pad, or they can rent this equipment in advance through Glacier Guides. Participants must bring their own bicycles or can rent locally in Whitefish, Montana. A passport is required because we cross the U.S. border into Canada. Our staff handles all bike support, luggage transport, and food.

Glacier Riders will have access to our superb personal fundraising software and the full support of our team.

Daily cycling mileages can be adjusted to suit all types of cyclists. This is a fully supported ride, which means you can focus on pedaling and making connections with your new friends while we take care of everything from overnight details, meals, snacks, luggage transport, and much more to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Learn more in the FAQ.

The Trip Start & Required Permits

Glacier Ride begins in Whitefish, MT at 9:00 AM. Please arrive with your luggage in Whitefish, ready to ride your bike. We will have long-term parking available. We recommend you arrive in northwest Montana at least one day before the departure of your charitable trip.

It is required that everyone purchase a Blackfeet Nation Recreation Permit, as part of our trip takes place on the land of the Blackfeet people. This permit is $20 and can be purchased online here:

Please keep a copy with you on your phone that will be accessible during the trip.

Your Glacier & Waterton National Park entrance fees are included in the fundraising minimum for the trip. If you have a park pass, please bring it with you.

Is there a hotel option?

Yes, there are hotels located very close to all of our camps. Glacier and Waterton National Parks are very popular destinations. With high visitation and limited hotel options in the area, we advise booking your hotels well in advance. The Glacier area is remote, so participants may only book the hotels from our approved list that are within walking distance from our camps. If you want hotels, please email us immediately for the list.

If you decide to stay in hotels during the trip, please notify your participant manager to let them know which nights you will be staying out of camp and where. If you choose hotels that are not within walking distance or that are not on our approved list, we cannot promise that we can shuttle you back and forth before dinner and after.

Do I need a tent? Can I rent a bicycle?

Cyclists must bring their own tent, sleeping bag, and pad, or they can rent this equipment in advance through Glacier Guides, our local outfitter. They will bring your camping equipment right to the start of the event!

You can bring your own bicycles or can rent locally in Whitefish, Montana. We recommend Bike Flights if you are going to ship your bike. In your Ride Guide, there is information about how to rent bikes or how to ship your bike to a local bike shop.

This is a road bike ride, so we recommend you bring or rent a road bike. A hybrid or gravel bike is also fine. We do not recommend mountain bikes for long mileage on roads, but if you are most comfortable on a mountain bike, it is your choice!

Getting to Whitefish and Departing

PLANE: The closest airport is in Kalispell, Montana (airport code: FCA). The airport is a 20-minute drive to Whitefish. Delta, United, Allegiant and Alaska/Horizon are the main carriers. There are several rental car companies at or near the airport. Reservations are advised. We recommend Dollar Rent A Car (800-800-3665), Avis (800-331-1212), or Budget (800-527-0700). Car rentals are also available in West Glacier.  For a shuttle to and from the airport to West Glacier or Whitefish, you may contact Glacier Taxi (406-250-3603). To West Glacier, the cost is approximately $50-55. To Whitefish, the cost is approximately $32. Please call for exact rates.

TRAIN: Amtrak has service from Seattle and Chicago to the Whitefish station or to West Glacier/Belton station (where the trip starts). The Chicago train arrives each day at 8:23 PM. The Seattle train arrives each day at 8:16 AM. NOTE: the trains can be delayed several hours to days. There is no checked baggage service at the West Glacier/Belton stop. If you are traveling to the ride with Amtrak, you may be able to bring your bike onboard! Learn more here.

CAR: You may park your vehicle at the trip start in Whitefish while you are on Glacier Ride, or you can ask your hotel if they will allow you to park your car for the week.
Glacier Ride will end back in Whitefish at approximately 4:30 pm on Day 6. We’ll say our goodbyes before collecting our luggage, bikes, and gear and departing. We recommend making flight arrangements from FCA after 7 pm. If you need to leave earlier, you can hire a taxi to take you from West Glacier to FCA at 1 pm. The cost is $60-100 (please call to confirm).

Accommodations & Meals

Glacier Ride is a 5-night, 6-day charitable camping trip in Glacier National Park and Waterton National Park. Imagine falling asleep under the stars, beneath the trees, in your own tent after an amazing day of cycling. It’s the best! In camp, we take care of all the details so you’re free to relax and connect with other Glacier Riders.

Amenities in camp include beautiful scenery, hot showers (4 of the 5 nights – where there’s no shower, we have excellent swimming opportunities), nearby restrooms, a first aid station with 24/7 ice, electricity, potable water and a great spot to set up your tent.

We camp at nearby ‘front country’ campgrounds where our camp chefs prepare delicious, healthy, warm meals for the group. Think hot, filling breakfasts with coffee and tea, and tasty dinners with delicious desserts. Each morning you will pack snacks to carry with you. Our morning snack table will have items to keep you energized all day while cycling. We reduce waste by using compostable items for our picnics and pack lunches, and for dinner, we use real plates & cutlery. The only thing we ask is that you help us by washing your own dishes – a small price to pay!

On Glacier Ride, camp becomes a traveling village and dynamic community. Cycling in Glacier National Park doesn’t get better than on Glacier Ride!

Do I need my passport?

Yes! If you forget your passport, you will not be able to enter Canada on Day 3 of the trip. According to Canadian Law, your passport must be valid for at least six months.

Fundraising Beneficiaries

The Glacier National Park Conservancy is the sole beneficiary for this ride. Proceeds from this event go towards GNPC and their work in Glacier National Park and the Climate Ride cause. Because of this, you cannot change your beneficiary selection after registering.

Fundraising and Transfer Deadlines | Important Dates

Fundraising Deadlines:

$500 to be raised by:4/5/2024
$1600 to be raised by:5/6/2024
Transfer Deadline:5/29/2024
$3200 to be raised by:6/19/2024

Learn more about deadlines and transfers on our Policies page.

Note: If you’d like to register after or near a fundraising deadline, don’t worry, we’re here to help you get up to speed!

More Questions?

Be sure to review our general FAQ and policies or contact us!

Matthew Homyak, Glacier Ride
Glacier Ride

Pure inspiration!

One of my favorite traveling adventures of all time. Great people, incredible scenery and challenging biking. I loved the educational aspects as well. The different speakers and stakeholders: rangers, conservancy, Jeff Mow, Black Feet, etc. I felt like our efforts will make a positive impact with the park. I can’t wait to sign up for another one!


Shannan Zister-Kasper
Glacier National Park Ride

Climate Ride exceeded all of our expectations for our family. Everything from the trip guides and pre-trip emails to the logistics of the ride was thoroughly planned. It checked all of our boxes- raising money and awareness for National Parks, promoted physical challenges with the bike rides and spent the day surrounded by incredible nature.

Miryam Liberman, Glacier Ride
Glacier National Park

The camaraderie and support on Climate Ride allowed me to perform better than I thought possible. I feel emboldened by my achievement to continue to train & discuss my achievement & climate causes with others in order to inspire & contribute.