Total Kilometers (Miles)
240 km (149 miles)
Group Size
Fundraising Commitment
Trip Length
6 days (4 days cycling)

The forested slopes of Kyushu’s Kunisaki peninsula feature samurai castles, Buddhist temples, and an iconic volcanic landscape. Many overlook this remote corner of Kyushu, but those who make the effort will discover some of the most undisturbed pawā spotto (spiritual places) in all of Japan.

We meet in the bustling city of Fukuoka and quickly head out with a ride along the Chikugo River to an Edo-era town. After climbing up our only significant hill of the day, we descend to the town of Usa and visit a Shinto shrine dating back to 708. Then ride around the conical 731-m high Mt. Futago volcano that has 28 ravines extending from its center. Cycling around the perimeter allows us to avoid climbing so we can explore the beaches, ports and hidden temples in the forest. This area is also very rural and known for producing scallions, leeks, tomatoes, and prized kabosu limes.

Before we leave the peninsula, we’ll visit the town of Kitsuki, often referred to as the “little Kyoto” of Kyushu Island. This picturesque town is often used today as backdrops for Japanese movies based in the Edo Period. We’ll go to the historic Samurai district and to Kitsuki Castle, the smallest in Japan. We end our tour in one of Japan’s famous onsens, Beppu. You will see Beppu’s unique hot springs where the water bubbles forth in different manifestations – ruby red water, steamy blue, muddy brown and a geyser that erupts every 35 minutes.

During Climate Ride Japan you will experience powerful traditions, spirituality, and breathtaking beauty. Local environmental experts will provide you with unparalleled access and understanding. You’ll experience stunning bike routes and an unforgettable combination of passion and purpose.

This is a special Climate Ride Funders Trip and the proceeds directly support Climate Ride’s work. Your fundraising on Climate Ride Japan will benefit the programs and efforts of Climate Ride including our community scholarships for young climate leaders. You are helping us grow the organization to become an advocacy powerhouse that engages people in the world of active environmental philanthropy and sustainable solutions. You cannot select from the beneficiary list during registration. All donations are tax-deductible.

Daily cycling mileages to suit all types of cyclists. This is a fully supported ride which means you can focus on pedaling and making connections with your new friends while we take care of everything including overnight details, meals, snacks, luggage transport, and much more to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

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