CASBA has benefitted greatly from our partnership with Climate Ride; thank you for all you’ve done for us, and so many others. For our organization, it’s funded getting various forms of straw building into the building code, and the Green Fondo funded our initiative to make it easier to insure buildings featuring straw for insulation.
Bio-based materials are lowering the embodied carbon of our buildings, and with their widespread use buildings can be the Earth’s sixth carbon sink. As we like to say: ‘Build Shelter – Not Too Big – Mostly Plants!’
— David Arkin

Being able to participate in 3 Climate Ride events in 2020 has been my silver lining. Fundraising for Climate Ride has given me great purpose during a time when I have felt so powerless and at times despondent. The events have been so positive and they are always a beacon of hope for me. Together we can make this planet better. Thank you Climate Ride!

— Julie Hale

Another great ride with a great group of people. Can’t wait to do another one!

— Jonathan Nieuwsma

It seems no matter where I go with Climate Ride, the experience is about people on a journey together; in a community that supports each other and the environment, and is attuned to caring for our planet. I am with a group united for addressing climate change and also learning about humanity and myself.

— Lisa Daniels

Climate Ride provides the platform for you to take action on protecting our planet while also providing a reminder that you are not alone in your support for environmental protection. The Patagonia event offers a variety of experiences from non-stop views of the lake/volcano to jaw-dropping views in Torres del Paine to getting up close to ever-changing glaciers.

— Ben Sander

Climate Ride experiences always exceed expectations. They are well-planned, well-executed, and provide the perfect opportunity to meet interesting people.

— Steve TenElshof

When I saw the announcement of Climate Ride Patagonia, I knew I absolutely had to sign up, that if I didn’t, I would miss out on an adventure of a lifetime. Now, after having fundraised for and participated in Climate Ride Patagonia, I can completely confirm that sentiment.
Climate Ride, in both their domestic and international trips, offers experiences of a lifetime. They give you an opportunity to ride, hike, or run in environments you haven’t even dreamt of seeing. You’re amongst nature as old as time, walking on rock carved out by glaciers and biking in places shaped by volcanoes. Climate Ride flawlessly organizes events so you, as the participant, can experience the ever-changing dynamic of nature and how humans have impacted it. They’re able to take the intangible, wrap it up and gift it to you as an adventure through time and place. Climate Ride events are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and somehow, each event is unique, innovative, and indefinitely more powerful than the one before.

— Sarah Brousseau, Patagonia

Grassroots advocacy and policy work takes a tremendous mental and emotional toll on nonprofit leaders. Having the opportunity to join Climate Ride on their Big Sur ride as a result of their Community Award was the best thing for my organization’s success in 2019! Riding with like-minded advocates, environmentalists, and value-driven individuals was refreshing, rewarding, and left me rejuvenated to tackle the biggest issues facing my community. I arrived knowing no one and left with over 100 new friends and allies in the fight for a better world. I am so grateful to Climate Ride for this opportunity. Thank you Climate Ride!

— Nicole Ver Kuilen, California Central Coast

I had a fantastic time riding and dancing to a RAD band at the Green Fondo 2019! Hope there are more to come!

— Erin Boyle, Green Fondo
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