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3 days
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Winter can be long, but don’t let that stop you from getting outdoors! On Climate Ride’s newest learning adventure, you’ll spend three days immersed in a spectacular winter wonderland while working on your Nordic ski skills. We’ll teach the art of skate skiing, a Nordic skiing style that has exploded in popularity because it combines incredible fitness, winter motivation, and a vibrant outdoor community. For beginners to even the most advanced skiers, our team of expert coaches will host training sessions throughout the day that will launch your love for “skinny skis”. Classic or Skate, we’re here to help you take it to the next level.

A little more about skate skiing. The NYT said it best: “Then a friend introduced me to skate skiing, “classic” Nordic’s zippy younger brother. If traditional Nordic skiing is a walk in the woods, then skate skiing — which was born only in the 1970s — is more like trail running. It’s swooping. It’s fast. It’s graceful. It’s even a bit sexy, something its buttoned-up older brother has never been accused of. No wonder that more runners and cyclists have discovered the discipline as a great winter counterpart.”

The location of our Nordic ski camp is the beautiful 6,500 acre Devil’s Thumb Ranch, nestled at the base of Colorado’s continental divide. With 120km of trails, it has been ranked the top Nordic center in the U.S. year after year. Devil’s Thumb Ranch is also recognized as a winter resort that is a leader in sustainability. In the time of COVID, this is a good place to gather with our social distancing protocols that allow us to spend time together safely. The Ranch has strong COVID policies, our activities will take place outside, and there are safe meal and dining options to suit your needs.

With our expert coaching and team building, this Climate Ride weekend will challenge, inspire, and surprise you as you ski and connect with like-minded people dedicated to advancing sustainability. Climate Ride charitable events bring together bright minds, breathtaking locations, and an unforgettable combination of passion and purpose. Proceeds from this event will directly support Climate Ride’s work (no beneficiary selection). To learn what is included when you reach your fundraising commitment, please read more in the FAQ below.

If you’re ready to sign up and ski, click above to register! Due to lodging space at the Ranch, this event is double occupancy for hotel rooms, so please sign up with a friend or partner. Due to COVID, Climate Ride cannot take on the responsibility of pairing you with another skier. Space is limited to 18 people.


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