Recruiting – Host an Informational Meeting

A fun way to introduce your supporters or colleagues to Climate Ride is to host a ‘meet and greet’ event. After work happy hours or coffee meetings on the weekend are good venues for an informational event. Or host a video call! In the office place, you could host a brown bag lunch where colleagues bring their lunch to a meeting to learn about Climate Ride. Or make it a ride and just chat as you go!

We can also provide a special promo code for you to give to people who show up. This is a great incentive to share when you’re marketing the event!

Climate Ride Overview

You can use this slide show to help answer common questions and give new folks an idea of what to expect on our events. This presentation is designed to help you walk your team or potential participants through Climate Ride. It describes what we do, why we do it, and how they can participate!

If you’re hosting a video call, we may be able to send a Climate Ride staff or board member to help answer specific event-related questions. And of course, if you are nearby, we might be able to show up in person.

Once you have the info session organized, be sure to get the word out! Share the details in a calendar listing, social media post, or through your e-newsletters.

Form a Team

Teams: Why and How

Organizations that set up a team for a Climate Ride event can reap numerous benefits. Teams are a great way to build a new community of participants, grow your presence during an event, boost fundraising, and deepen your commitment to our planet. Plus, it’s tons of fun! Beneficiaries Partners can offer their team members training support, group fundraising opportunities, custom team jerseys, branded swag or memberships to the organization.

Some organizations have discovered that setting up a team and requiring team members to select their organization as the sole beneficiary can substantially boost their grant amount. For example:

  • Team PODER/BicisdelPueblo created a team of four on their first Climate Ride, Green Fondo California 2022. Together they raised over $21,000!
  • Team BikeLA set up a team of 20 members who had selected just BikeLA as their beneficiary in 2018. Their grant was more than $88,000!
  • On Green Fondo Chautauqua, Team Watershed rallied seven new Climate Riders to raise nearly $80,000 on their first event!
  • In 2019, TransForm’s team rallied together to raise over $25,000 for their grant!

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