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Ongoing Ways to Take Action

We know Climate Riders are always looking out for ways to do more to help our planet! This is a list of action items we’ve heard about from our beneficiary partners. Read on to: Sign petitions! Protest! Write letters! Help with science projects! And more! Have an item you want on this list? Submit it here and we will do our best to keep this list updated when we aren’t out on events! Thanks!
  • Wild Tomorrow Fund In Action

    Wild Tomorrow Fund

    “We have been blown away by Climate Ride and are so very excited about our partnership and all of their hard work to support environmental causes like ours.”

    Wendy Hapgood
    Co-founder & COO


    We face the extinction of one million species in our lifetimes. But there is still hope. The solution to the extinction crisis lies in the expansion of natural habitats in threatened wild places. We must enlarge and protect the spaces devoted to the natural world in order to save the amazing variety of life on our planet – called biodiversity.

    Total Climate Ride Grant: $387,320


    Saving Wild Spaces | Wild Tomorrow Fund is working to protect, restore and re-wild a critically important wildlife corridor in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

    Helping Communities | Everyone must benefit from conserving wild spaces. This includes the people living in the poor rural communities that surround their protected areas.

    Saving Wildlife | Helping wild animals in Southern Africa by creating wildlife corridors and providing supplies on the ground, supporting in-field conservation and research.


    • To date they have secured over 3,200 acres of land that was at risk from development.
    • Providing employment, training and education to surrounding communities. Training local women green skills and supporting them in creating businesses. Building a local school.
    • Supporting scientists researching in areas of high biodiversity and endangered species.

    Find them here:

  • The Climate Center in Action

    The Climate Center


    Since 2001, The Climate Center has been a leader in making climate solutions a reality in California at speed and scale. They are a think-tank, do-tank working to turn bold ideas into action for a climate-safe future.

    Total Climate Ride Grant: $384,180.05


    Phasing Out Fossil Fuels | The Climate Center is creating a California free from the toxic impacts of fossil fuels. One where Californians power their homes and cars with clean energy, live in walkable communities and have access to clean public transport and bike-friendly streets. 

    Clean Energy | Advocating for California to invest in clean, distributed, resilient energy systems. By building distributed energy and storage, California can meet its energy needs with clean and reliable sources while creating hundreds of thousands of family-sustaining jobs.

    Natural Carbon Sequestration | Supporting practices that draw down past climate pollution from the atmosphere through proper soil and vegetation management. This can happen on both our natural lands (forests, grasslands, deserts, wetlands, riverbeds, coastal areas, parks, and more), as well as our working lands (farms, ranches, and more). Projects that naturally sequester carbon include applying compost to soils, planting cover crops, planned grazing, urban greening, riverbed restoration, reforestation, and wetland preservation, among others.


    • Ensuring most new electric vehicles sold in California have bidirectional charging by 2030 (SB 233, Skinner). These “batteries on wheels” can keep the lights on in our homes, help avoid blackouts, and make our electricity system more resilient, reliable, safe, and affordable.
    • Establishing a bolder GHG emissions reduction goal for 2030 as the worsening climate crisis requires and that is more in line with other large economies such as the EU and the UK.
    • Convening partner organizations to guide the establishment of ambitious goals for natural carbon sequestration per the law California passed last year.
    • Developing a Fossil Fuel Managed Decline Roadmap for California to rapidly transition to a clean energy economy.

    Find them here:

  • Rich City Rides In Action


    • Create opportunities for the most vulnerable members of society by using cycling to improve health, economic stability, and individual and collective capacity.
    • Increase cycling among all community members.
    • Promote cycling as a social, sustainable, and green mode of transportation.

    Total Climate Ride Grant: $10,666

    From Rich City Rides

    “RICH CITY Rides is pleased to join this year’s Climate Ride and garner support for our programs! We always ride further together.” – Najari Smith, Founding Executive Director


    Bike Programming | Community Strava Club, Community Care Social Rides, Youth Bike Club, Bike Repair Workshops, Commuter Cyclist Program and more. Everybody Rides Program |Provides refurbished bikes by request at no cost.


    • Has gifted 3,269+ bikes to kids and adults in need.
    • Engaged 32,901+ participants through family friendly activities and events.
    • Held 800+ Bike Repair Workshops serving community members and rescuing bikes to redirect them back into the community.
    • Offered a range of 1,401+ activities including bike rides, cleanups, hikes, and camping trips.

    Find them here:

  • Tips on Talking about Climate Change
    Photo courtesy of DearTomorrow.
    A fundamental part of Climate Ride’s mission is to get people talking about ways to take action on climate change. Many folks who do our events report back that fundraising gave them the impetus to have conversations they never would have otherwise. Personal chats are more likely to move people into action than almost anything else, according to the best research out there. That’s one of the reasons why we’re excited to have DearTomorrow joining our list of Beneficiary Partners! Since 2015, DearTomorrow has been working hard to help people use art, storytelling, and meaningful conversations to shift behavior around climate change. They’ve kindly shared some of their insights to help Climate Riders get meaningful conversations going:
    1. Focus on the important people in your life. When it comes to the issue of climate change, research shows that we tend to trust people that we’re close to. This means that you can have the most impact on your family, friends, and co-workers.
    2. Reflect on why you care. At DearTomorrow, we’ve developed a reflection and writing process to help people of all ages think more deeply about why they care about the climate crisis. We’ve collected thousands of personal letters written to children, family friends, and future selves about their deepest concerns about the climate crisis, visions for the future, and bold actions they are taking. Write your own DearTomorrow letter to help you reflect and share your story.
    3. Use emotion and stories. People are more likely to change their minds when presented with a story rather than complex policies and scientific figures. Speak from the heart and talk about what you care most about– the people and places you love that you want to protect from the worst impacts of climate.
    4. Ask questions and listen. When you get to chatting about why you care, it’s important to remember to make space listen to the people you are talking with. Take a pause from your own story and ask questions about what they care about. This can be a great way to open a climate conversation, as Climate Rider Dave Morris shared with us after his recent cross country trip devoted to gathering climate perspectives.
    5. Focus on people who already care; forget the trolls. Climate conversations don’t need to be about trying to convince climate deniers. The knowledge-action gap remains large: a 2021 Yale Climate Opinion Map found 72% of Americans believe that climate change is happening, yet only 35% discuss global warming “at least occasionally”. The more we talk about climate change with other people who are concerned, the more likely all of us are to take meaningful action.
    6. It’s important to dream and have fun when talking about climate. Climate conversations don’t need to be dire, painful, and serious. It’s ok to open up to a fun conversation on climate where you put some energy into imagining a better future. In fact, it’s a necessary step! As DearTomorrow’s co-founder, Jill Kubit said “If we can’t imagine it, how will we get there?”
    Dave on his Climate Courage Tour to gather perspectives on climate.
    DearTomorrow joined Climate Ride as part of their three year fundraising strategy to scale the project in countries around the world. We are so excited to have them as a partner this fall as they continue to expand their educational and arts programming in the US and around the world. Write your own letter and follow their work on Instagram (@deartomorrow) to get updates about their digital storytelling collection, upcoming Futures Workshops, and immersive exhibits. Their next exhibit launches on November 5th at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery in the UK. More about DearTomorrow DearTomorrow motivates people to care about and act on climate through storytelling, educational, and arts experiences which inspire connectedness and bold action on a global scale. This strategy is grounded in behavioral science research, which demonstrates the impact of storytelling and emotional connection in spurring climate action. To write your own letter: Think of a person who is important in your life – your child, a friend, a family member or your future self. Imagine it is 2050 and they receive a letter from you written today. Your letter shares your thoughts about climate change and your promise to take bold climate action today to ensure they have a safe and healthy world. Write your letter today and upload it to
  • Call Bill Medley – Make sure climate is on the Fed’s agenda

    CALL NOW: 1-816-881-2557

    We need your help to call Bill Medley, the Public Information Officer of The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, to make sure climate is on the agenda during the Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium in Wyoming. Sample Script:  “Hi my name is _______ from _______ and I’m calling to ask whether the climate crisis is going to be a central part of the agenda for the upcoming Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium.  The Federal Reserve is supposed to protect the stability of the US economy, and the financial well-being of all Americans, and there’s no bigger threat to our economy than the worsening impacts of the climate crisis.   [good place for something personal – for example: As a resident of _______, I have experienced stronger storms/droughts/fires and this is a direct result of the climate crisis. Climate change has affected my community, my family, and myself. And we can’t keep ignoring what this means for Americans like myself.] The Federal Reserve must take strong action to end fossil fuel financing and promote investment in a sustainable, green economy for all, with a particular focus on the frontline communities most impacted. Can we get your commitment to ensure climate is a key part of the agenda?”
  • 350 Global Week of Training is hosting a global week of training for organizers around the world. And they want you there! On Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 2, they will be kicking off the Global Week of Training for the Climate Justice Conversations, a series of online sessions to listen, share, and connect with leaders and stories from our movement. Find out more at:
  • From Letter to Editor Campaign!
    Intense heat, out-of-control wildfires, deadly floods: these impacts of the climate crisis are already the daily reality of people and communities across the United States. But the real culprits – the coal, oil and gas industry – keep getting away with it. Media plays a vital role in the battle against the climate crisis. It really matters how local and national newspapers and internet portals write about the extreme weather we’re facing right now. Media must tell the truth about who is to blame for this crisis – the fossil fuel industry. 350 has made it easy submit a letter to the editor at your local news paper here!
  • Submit an Action
    Have a climate action opportunity you want to get the word out about? You can submit it here! We’ll do our best to get it posted whenever we aren’t out on events. Looking for opportunities to take action? See them here! [user-submitted-posts]