We know Climate Riders are always looking out for ways to do more to help our planet! This is a list of action items we’ve heard about from our beneficiary partners.

Read on to: Sign petitions! Protest! Write letters! Help with science projects! And more!

Have an item you want on this list? Submit it here and we will do our best to keep this list updated when we aren’t out on events! Thanks!

  • Call Bill Medley – Make sure climate is on the Fed’s agenda

    CALL NOW: 1-816-881-2557

    We need your help to call Bill Medley, the Public Information Officer of The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, to make sure climate is on the agenda during the Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium in Wyoming.

    Sample Script: 

    “Hi my name is _______ from _______ and I’m calling to ask whether the climate crisis is going to be a central part of the agenda for the upcoming Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium. 

    The Federal Reserve is supposed to protect the stability of the US economy, and the financial well-being of all Americans, and there’s no bigger threat to our economy than the worsening impacts of the climate crisis.  

    [good place for something personal – for example: As a resident of _______, I have experienced stronger storms/droughts/fires and this is a direct result of the climate crisis. Climate change has affected my community, my family, and myself. And we can’t keep ignoring what this means for Americans like myself.]

    The Federal Reserve must take strong action to end fossil fuel financing and promote investment in a sustainable, green economy for all, with a particular focus on the frontline communities most impacted. Can we get your commitment to ensure climate is a key part of the agenda?”

  • 350 Global Week of Training

    350.org is hosting a global week of training for organizers around the world. And they want you there!

    On Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 2, they will be kicking off the Global Week of Training for the Climate Justice Conversations, a series of online sessions to listen, share, and connect with leaders and stories from our movement.

    Find out more at: https://trainings.350.org/join-us-for-global-trainings-week/

  • From 350.org: Letter to Editor Campaign!


    Intense heat, out-of-control wildfires, deadly floods: these impacts of the climate crisis are already the daily reality of people and communities across the United States. But the real culprits – the coal, oil and gas industry – keep getting away with it.

    Media plays a vital role in the battle against the climate crisis. It really matters how local and national newspapers and internet portals write about the extreme weather we’re facing right now. Media must tell the truth about who is to blame for this crisis – the fossil fuel industry.

    350 has made it easy submit a letter to the editor at your local news paper here!

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