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The Climate Center in Action

The Climate Center


Since 2001, The Climate Center has been a leader in making climate solutions a reality in California at speed and scale. They are a think-tank, do-tank working to turn bold ideas into action for a climate-safe future.

Total Climate Ride Grant: $384,180.05


Phasing Out Fossil Fuels | The Climate Center is creating a California free from the toxic impacts of fossil fuels. One where Californians power their homes and cars with clean energy, live in walkable communities and have access to clean public transport and bike-friendly streets. 

Clean Energy | Advocating for California to invest in clean, distributed, resilient energy systems. By building distributed energy and storage, California can meet its energy needs with clean and reliable sources while creating hundreds of thousands of family-sustaining jobs.

Natural Carbon Sequestration | Supporting practices that draw down past climate pollution from the atmosphere through proper soil and vegetation management. This can happen on both our natural lands (forests, grasslands, deserts, wetlands, riverbeds, coastal areas, parks, and more), as well as our working lands (farms, ranches, and more). Projects that naturally sequester carbon include applying compost to soils, planting cover crops, planned grazing, urban greening, riverbed restoration, reforestation, and wetland preservation, among others.


  • Ensuring most new electric vehicles sold in California have bidirectional charging by 2030 (SB 233, Skinner). These “batteries on wheels” can keep the lights on in our homes, help avoid blackouts, and make our electricity system more resilient, reliable, safe, and affordable.
  • Establishing a bolder GHG emissions reduction goal for 2030 as the worsening climate crisis requires and that is more in line with other large economies such as the EU and the UK.
  • Convening partner organizations to guide the establishment of ambitious goals for natural carbon sequestration per the law California passed last year.
  • Developing a Fossil Fuel Managed Decline Roadmap for California to rapidly transition to a clean energy economy.

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