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Call Bill Medley – Make sure climate is on the Fed’s agenda

CALL NOW: 1-816-881-2557

We need your help to call Bill Medley, the Public Information Officer of The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, to make sure climate is on the agenda during the Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium in Wyoming. Sample Script:  “Hi my name is _______ from _______ and I’m calling to ask whether the climate crisis is going to be a central part of the agenda for the upcoming Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium.  The Federal Reserve is supposed to protect the stability of the US economy, and the financial well-being of all Americans, and there’s no bigger threat to our economy than the worsening impacts of the climate crisis.   [good place for something personal – for example: As a resident of _______, I have experienced stronger storms/droughts/fires and this is a direct result of the climate crisis. Climate change has affected my community, my family, and myself. And we can’t keep ignoring what this means for Americans like myself.] The Federal Reserve must take strong action to end fossil fuel financing and promote investment in a sustainable, green economy for all, with a particular focus on the frontline communities most impacted. Can we get your commitment to ensure climate is a key part of the agenda?”