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Rich City Rides In Action


  • Create opportunities for the most vulnerable members of society by using cycling to improve health, economic stability, and individual and collective capacity.
  • Increase cycling among all community members.
  • Promote cycling as a social, sustainable, and green mode of transportation.

Total Climate Ride Grant: $10,666

From Rich City Rides

“RICH CITY Rides is pleased to join this year’s Climate Ride and garner support for our programs! We always ride further together.” – Najari Smith, Founding Executive Director


Bike Programming | Community Strava Club, Community Care Social Rides, Youth Bike Club, Bike Repair Workshops, Commuter Cyclist Program and more. Everybody Rides Program |Provides refurbished bikes by request at no cost.


  • Has gifted 3,269+ bikes to kids and adults in need.
  • Engaged 32,901+ participants through family friendly activities and events.
  • Held 800+ Bike Repair Workshops serving community members and rescuing bikes to redirect them back into the community.
  • Offered a range of 1,401+ activities including bike rides, cleanups, hikes, and camping trips.

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