Participating in the Climate Ride was a great adventure! The location and event routes were amazing and the support team outstanding. The speaker was incredible and the conversations with other riders added another very inspiring layer to the trip. It was truly a treat to be surrounded by people with similar values working together in a myriad of different ways towards environmental initiatives. I will do it again!

— Ursula Fernandez del Castillo, Green Fondo New York, 2022

Climate Ride is the antidote we all need now to restore ourselves and to tackle climate change together. The positivity of this community is undeniable – and after reaching your own fundraising and fitness goals, not to mention experience a top notch biking and climate adventure with likeminded people, you will want to come back for more. I sure will.

— Teri Carhart, Glacier Ride 2022

Partnering with Climate Ride as part of Climate Rise was an amazing and rewarding experience. Took the stress of the background work behind a fundraiser, and they were there helping and supporting along the way! Would join them again in the future. 10/10

— Wade (AKA DRWD40), Climate Rise - Earth Every Day

Glacier Ride 2022 may be the best life experiences I have ever had. The park is fantastic, the guides and crew worked so hard to make it go well and were so fun to be around. I am a quiet person and everyone made me feel included. I’ve made some lifelong friends.

— John Metz, Glacier Ride 2022

My first ride I did to prove I could ride 350 miles; the next one was to fundraise like crazy for my favorite nonprofit; every ride since then has been to spend time with amazing people doing great work on behalf of the climate!

— David Arkin, Green Fondo California 2022

Climate Ride’s combination passionate people and amazing riding creates a magical community like no other. I work in the sustainability space for my job which can be tiring, and climate ride is where I come to recharge. After each ride (I’ve done four now!) I leave feeling a sense of gratitude and fulfillment for my rider buddies what we we accomplished together.

— Claire FitzGerald, Death Valley 2021

If you’re on the fence about joining for a Climate Ride, this is your sign to do it. I thought the hills on the routes were going to kill me, but given the immense amount of support, snacks, and hydration stops everyone was able to complete their best possible rides and felt great by the end of everyday (albeit a little sore sometimes – in a good way). The crew, guides and staff take impeccable care of the riders and ensure everyone is safely having a great time. They even managed to arrange and support our group riding up Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park with no cars! King of the road! They had bike crews in front and back and still managed to give us everything we needed sans cars. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I made some new lifelong friends on this ride and will definitely be doing another Climate Ride/Hike.

— Jessie Knapstein, Glacier Ride 2022

If you want to cycle and socialize with like-minded environmentally conscious people, then a Climate Ride event is for you!

— Brian Berlin, Green Fondo California

Completing my cross-country cycle trip, from Boston to LA, as part of a Climate Ride independent challenge, really shaped my ride in meaningful way. I had been wanting to do a cross-country ride for personal reasons, but being able to fundraise for causes that I care deeply about during my ride gave me, what felt like an elevated purpose during my journey. The Climate Ride team was also so helpful in supportive, and not only in a fundraising sense, but also a “let’s go, you got this” sense as well. As someone who has never fundraised anywhere close to as much money as I did over the course of my cross-country trip, Climate Ride gave me so many helpful tips and hints in order to fundraise effectively. It can be hard keeping up a fundraiser while actively being on a cycle tour, and their support was instrumental in helping me to continue to raise funds throughout my trip. I also felt like I got to know some of their staff after back and forth phone calls before and during my trip, which was great. My independent challenge was life-changing for me, and I look forward to joining a Climate Ride event in the future!


— Bill Flagg, Independent Challenge (Boston to LA)