I love Climate Ride – genuinely great people doing imperative work with passion and professionalism!

— Molly Bosted, Bear Ears 2019

Not sure I want to write a testimonial, purely for selfish reasons. I’d hate to see the event fill up before I get a chance to register and get left out. … I guess that’s my testimonial :).

— Dan KingDan King, California Central Coast 2019

When my son and daughter-in-law invited me to participate in the Climate Ride and raise money to support energy/sustainability/biking & transportation and Bike Santa Cruz County, it was easy to say yes. However, when the reality of cycling almost 350 miles and close to 17,000 feet of climbing hit, my fear and anxiety increased. At 67 years old, I am in good shape and cycle 3 times a week but I couldn’t help but question if that was enough. I am pleased to say that the support of the Climate Ride staff and the participants may this challenging ride not only possible but enjoyable. It will go down as one of the most amazing trips of my life. Thank you!

— Linda Strause, California Central Coast 2019

Participating in the Climate Ride was the perfect way to educate and immerse myself deeper into current environmental issues. On this ride I was surrounded by an incredible group of supportive and inspirational people – participants and staff alike. The community paired with challenging, but rewarding climbs and views made for a life-changing and memorable experience. 10/10 would recommend to everyone I know!

— Brianne Bishop, California Central Coast 2019

CLIMATE RIDE has been the single most effective way for my friends & I to get involved & step up awareness & advocacy about climate change. It has really helped to change & align priorities. Additionally, by cheering me on through the ride and my daily posts, folks felt positively inspired that their contributions mattered.
As a newcomer to cycling, CLIMATE RIDE was a wonderful activity that helped me succeed. Extremely well organized we had great food, campgrounds, friendly bike mechanics, phone charging stations, & water & snack breaks in the most beautiful settings. Each day brought new spectacular sights including strawberry fields, deer, sea lions, hawks, meadows of wildflowers and redwood, crashing waves and horizons that stretched forever.

— Caryn Hoffman, California Central Coast 2019

Not just an event that yielded $350k+ in donations for climate action and active transportation. This was also the best vacation of my year, giving me some of the most memorable rides of California that I have done, inspiration from the great people around me and a super professional organization end-to-end, including excellent meals and logistics.

— Julia Wagner, California Central Coast 2019

Phenomenal! Climate Ride is a tremendously professional, organized and competent organization (and personable, easy-going, and inspiring). That’s all the more impressive given how small it is – a few visionary, exceedingly capable, and engaging people, who have earned the respect of partners large and small, who make this an outstanding experience in every way. The scenery is breathtaking, and I particularly appreciated being in a smaller national park (i.e., not yet overrun by tourists). The cause was kept front and center in such meaningful, personal, and impactful ways. Glacier Guides are real pros, inspiring environmentalists and educators, and took care of our needs so wonderfully! And the evening speakers absolutely made this experience as unique and profound as it was – definitely a highlight in a trip FILLED with powerful elements.

— Julie Reed, Glacier Ride 2019

The camaraderie and support on Climate Ride allowed me to perform better than I thought possible. I feel emboldened by my achievement to continue to train & discuss my achievement & climate causes with others in order to inspire & contribute.

— Miryam Liberman, Glacier Ride 2019
I went to Climate Ride Bhutan and FELL IN LOVE with Caeli and Blake. Had the motherf*ckin time of my life!
— Bailey Richardson, Bhutan 2018