I just participated in my first Climate Ride in Western New York. It certainly will not be my last! The event was very well organized. It was a wonderful group of people that care about one of the great challenges we face today, climate change. Even more important, it was group of people trying to address this problem by personally taking action to make change happen to better our world.

— Bill Soeltz, Green Fondo New York

Climate Ride is a small, very focused organization with leadership, employees, and volunteers devoted to their mission to promote a sustainable environment that will help to reduce climate change. What’s even more impressive is that this is done by engaging people to support the beneficiary organizations of their choice.

— Mark Wall, Day of Action

Climate Ride made everything easy! The crew jumped whenever there was a need, and the whole team works together so smoothly. The other riders welcomed me to the group with open arms. It’s a big, warm family of activist cyclists.

— Sam Weisbard, Green Fondo New York

Joining Climate Ride Death Valley was more than I could have hoped for. I was doing it initially to get involved with efforts to support the fight against climate change but what I came out with was not only this, but a great group of new friends and an overall experience riding the beautiful Death Valley that has changed my perspective of riding a bike. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout the whole ride and while this was the toughest experience that I’ve had riding, I had one of the best/most meaningful riding experiences of my life. The supporters that joined me on the ride, the folks that were involved working for Climate Ride, down to the ride support from REI…all made this so special in so many ways. I’m looking forward to my next ride with Climate Ride and I’m hoping to continue/expand the friendships and experiences that I’ve already made.

— Paul Falo, Death Valley

Climate Ride in Death Valley National Park allowed me to raise funds and awareness around the climate crisis whilst spending 4 days riding my bike in a breathtaking setting. The organization as well the like-minded individuals I shared this adventure with were stellar. 10/10 recommend.

— Victoria Norman, Death Valley

ClimateRide Death Valley was a powerful, positive, life impacting experience. The ClimateRide team let me be challenged in a spot in the world I never would have experienced in this way, safely and feeling well supported, while having fun and seriously exploring climate issues with great people. Gave me new eyes and perspective and hopeful energy on the issue.

— Ken Segel, Death Valley

Riding through vineyards in New York, past small farms to Lake Erie, was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. We had some amazing adventures on our bikes and I felt totally supported by the folks at Climate Ride. Best of all, we were all there to discuss climate change and to make a positive impact on our world. Good food, great people, I could not ask for a better experience.

— Annemaria Nicholson, Green Fondo New York

Participating in the Climate Ride was a great adventure! The location and event routes were amazing and the support team outstanding. The speaker was incredible and the conversations with other riders added another very inspiring layer to the trip. It was truly a treat to be surrounded by people with similar values working together in a myriad of different ways towards environmental initiatives. I will do it again!

— Ursula Fernandez del Castillo, Green Fondo New York

Climate Ride is the antidote we all need now to restore ourselves and to tackle climate change together. The positivity of this community is undeniable – and after reaching your own fundraising and fitness goals, not to mention experience a top notch biking and climate adventure with likeminded people, you will want to come back for more. I sure will.

— Teri Carhart, Glacier Ride