Climate Ride was an experience of a lifetime, bringing together like-minded individuals who care about improving and creating a positive change for our environment, sustainability, and bicycle advocacy in our communities. It was a privilege to hear different speakers talk about their ideas on what we could do as individuals for a better tomorrow. Climate Ride has created a supportive and uplifting community that pushed me to new heights in cycling. No matter how many obstacles presented themselves on the ride and in my personal life, I kept telling myself to keep my feet on the pedals and push forward till the end.

— Lilyana Serrano, California Ride

Biking for a cause is both the best way to see new parts of the country and be part of something larger than oneself. With climate change being one of the most pressing issues of our time, Climate Ride allows like-minded individuals to take part in an experience that benefits the cause, tests our limits, and promotes bicycle advocacy all in one. The people and organizations that benefit from Climate Ride are many and I am humbled to have been a part of it. I remain inspired by the people I rode with and all they are doing for the cause. My knowledge and resolve to combat climate change are better for having been a part of Climate Ride.

— Jay Epelmen

I’ve enjoyed bike touring trips in the past, but Climate Ride stands out for its ability to attract groups of riders who see biking as more than a recreational activity. It was great to ride with people who see biking as a way to protect the environment and to share other ways that we all strive to fight climate change.

— Ann Jasper

Climate Ride has shown me a new, innovative and environmentally friendly way to live my life. Participating in hikes and bike rides evokes incredible feelings of pride, care and joy; not just for the organization or your fellow participants, but also for the Earth and the nature we live in everyday. It’s because of my involvement in Climate Ride that I feel so passionately about protecting and conserving what the planet has given us.

— Sarah Brousseau

Climate Ride is an incredibly fun and rewarding way to take action while learning from all of the amazing people who are part of it.

— Karl Danz

My Climate Ride experience was all I’d hoped for and more. I met wonderful people, pushed my physical limits, biked through amazing country, ate good, healthy food to my heart’s content (plus a few tasty beers) – all while fundraising for a sustainable future. Thank you so much to the Climate Ride team and staff for the wonderful adventure.

— Jennifer Green

Climate Ride was up there with the most inspirational trips of my lifetime. A true bucket list experience, but not only that, it was life-changing. First, you’re blown away by the beauty of our state (CA), being out there on a! Then, the quality of the people, their warmth, friendliness and their commitment to living a purposeful life….the experience has changed me. I will continually ask myself going forward…what can I do today.

— Lesley Plachta

I had never imagined myself as someone who could bike much farther than across town, but participating in both 2011 Climate Rides proved to be two of the best experiences of my life.

— Joy Burke

Overjoyed and overwhelmed in the best kind of way.

— Bridget Erlikh