I had never imagined myself as someone who could bike much farther than across town, but participating in both 2011 Climate Rides proved to be two of the best experiences of my life.

— Joy Burke, California Ride 2011

Overjoyed and overwhelmed in the best kind of way.

— Bridget Erlikh, NYC-DC Ride 2013

Climate Ride did an excellent job accommodating my eating needs and I truly cannot thank you enough. It meant the world to me that I could just arrive on site and eat like everyone else. The Climate Ride team made it truly seamless and I am so very grateful. Thank you for an awesome experience. I felt beyond supported, encouraged and inspired.

— Steph Rio, NYC-DC Ride 2011

There’s nothing, nothing, nothing that people could be doing that’s more important than what you guys are doing.

— Bill McKibben, Co-Founder 350.org

The Climate Ride is a powerful tool for change. It’s not just the riders who feel the force – it’s the friends and families who sponsor them, the TV audiences who see the media coverage, the people we meet along the route, the passersby who see us roll up at Capitol Hill, and the politicians who see our commitment to the cause. The ripples of change spread far and wide. For me personally, having only weeks before finished rowing 3000 miles across the Pacific to raise awareness and inspire action on climate change, Climate Ride was a hugely empowering opportunity to bond with a network of like-minded individuals. I have seen many Climate Ride alums in the weeks since the ride finished, and I know we will continue to work together to create a better, greener future for our world.

— Roz Savage, California Ride 2010

On Climate Ride I met experts from every field of work and climate enthusiasts from every state. Together we brainstormed how to solve climate change–while taking in the beauty and challenge of transporting ourselves, carbon-free, from New York to DC! Once there, I had a chance to meet my U.S. Senator. We had a half-hour one-on-one conversation that confirmed that our ride did raise awareness, that politicians are listening, and that we can work together toward a clean energy future.

— Allison Smith, NYC-DC Ride 2011

Climate Ride was a life-changing experience and I was blown away by the people I met, their passion and what they are doing behind the scenes as it relates to a sustainable future for our planet.

— Shamini Dhana, Bhutan Ride 2018

The whole Climate Ride experience was transformative. I can’t stop thinking about it; how lucky I am to have been a part of it.

— Jeff Carpenter, NYC-DC Ride 2014

Climate Ride offered an amazing experience, an opportunity to enjoy great company, nature, fresh air, scenery, one’s own body and all this for a good cause.

— Charlotte Streck, NYC-DC Ride 2013