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Alejandra Alvarez

The Green Fondo SoCal Climate Ride was a life-altering experience for me, someone who picked up bike riding just two years ago. Leading up to this weekend, I was nervous and unsure about what to expect for my first bike tour. Thanks to the support from friends, colleagues, and the Community Leader Award program, I embarked on a challenging fun-filled ride through beautiful Santa Barbara County, a place I am so fortunate to have called home for seven years. I challenged myself to ride the Media route, which took me along some of the most breathtaking scenery- literally! With every labored breath that I took through that nearly 70-mile stretch route, I questioned whether I was insane to be riding a bike this long. However, I mostly looked at the surrounding richly green canyons and felt immense gratitude for the opportunity to experience this place on two wheels. I felt supported by every crew member, rider, and friendly locals, who cheered on as I challenged my body through new extremes. Best of all, I made a ton of new friends with whom I now share such a memorable experience. Thanks, Climate Ride. See you out on the road!