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Tag: Intersectional Environmentalist

Streets for All
November 22, 2023
MISSION: We believe: Everyone has the right to use our streets and public spaces safely, comfortably, and efficiently regardless of their age, income, race, gender, geography, or abilities. Now is the time for bold action. Small, incremental steps will not suffice when thousands of lives are cut short by traffic violence each year and climate […]
Intersectional Environmentalist
November 21, 2023
MISSION: As a new 501c3, IE is committed to developing and improving transparency and reciprocity with our community and partners in an effort to co-create meaningful impact for people + planet. Our commitment to shifting the narrative of environmental storytelling to center diversity and joy will continue to be rooted in the values of the […]
Craig Gaspard – Intersectional Environmentalism
October 11, 2022
  Craig Gaspard is an avid biker and advocate for protecting and healing our planet. As an environmental social worker, Craig has worked in emergency services performing psychiatric assessments in hospital emergency departments. Craig explains how the community has given him insight into the stresses that moderate/low-income families (those most impacted by climate change) experience. […]
Gary Justis Rides UNBOUND for Intersectional Environmentalist
April 27, 2022
Gary’s 2016 UNBOUND finish at 2 a.m. with his cycling coach Noah Collins. Climate Rider Gary Justis is taking on his most important cycling charitable fundraising event to date. On June 4th, he will be attempting to finish his fourth UNBOUND Gravel, a 200+ mile gravel race – riding as a member of the Major […]