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Intersectional Environmentalist

MISSION: As a new 501c3, IE is committed to developing and improving transparency and reciprocity with our community and partners in an effort to co-create meaningful impact for people + planet. Our commitment to shifting the narrative of environmental storytelling to center diversity and joy will continue to be rooted in the values of the environmental justice movement and our community.
We’re thrilled to have been selected for this Climate Ride grant. As a small environmental justice organization, we recognize how important and impactful it is to fund grassroots efforts – thank you Climate Ride for prioritizing climate justice and supporting our mission of increasing awareness and access to education around intersectional environmentalism. – Sabs Katz, Cofounder and Partnerships Lead
Learn more > Connect and get involved with their work: On Instagram @intersectionalenvironmentalist On Facebook On Twitter @isxenviro See other Environmental Justice Action Grantees here.