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Tag: Charity Ride

Jonathan Zack – Coast Guard Search and Rescue Takes on Green Fondo
May 10, 2022
Jonathan Zack, an instructor for the Coast Guard maritime search and rescue planning, is participating in the 2022 California Green Fondo. Jonathan has seen the effects of climate change through his time working in the Coast Guard. We took the opportunity to discuss Jonathan’s experiences with climate change and how he has been involved in […]
Team Leo – Working Towards A Healthy Planet For Future Generations
April 29, 2022
Team Leo was started by Mary Selkirk and Lee Ballance, veteran Climate Riders who have committed to climate action for their grandson. Mary says they “work every day to ensure he will grow up on a livable planet.” Mary and her husband Lee’s first ride together was back in 2013. Since then, they have completed […]
Amy Wipfler’s Independent Rail Trail Challenge: 12 Rail Trails in 6 Months
April 27, 2022
We love creative ways to raise funds using bicycling. Introducing Amy Wipfler who has challenged herself to bike 12 New England rail trails in 6 months. She also challenged her community to pledge money for each ride she completes. She aims to ride more than 300 miles spanning 12 trail rides in 2022 and hopes […]
Gary Justis Rides UNBOUND for Intersectional Environmentalist
April 27, 2022
Gary’s 2016 UNBOUND finish at 2 a.m. with his cycling coach Noah Collins. Climate Rider Gary Justis is taking on his most important cycling charitable fundraising event to date. On June 4th, he will be attempting to finish his fourth UNBOUND Gravel, a 200+ mile gravel race – riding as a member of the Major […]
Ash Lauth’s Climate Ride for Climate Justice
April 20, 2022
We’re excited to be sharing this blog post from Action for the Climate Emergency (ACE)’s Ash Lauth. Ash is ACE’s Director of Distributed Organizing and works to build ACE’s distributed organizing network, scaling up its infrastructure and capacity, developing activists into regional leaders and trained storytellers, and placing justice, equity and grassroots power as foundational […]
Michael Bell’s Climate Ride to Remember
August 27, 2021
Michael Bell commuted by bike for most of his career. During that time, his longest ride tended to be about 25 miles round trip. Then he took early retirement and became a caregiver for his wife who was progressively succumbing to Alzheimer’s. Riding became his ‘time for himself’. Soon, he was riding 5,000 to 8,000 […]
William Flagg Biking Across the US in 2021
July 8, 2021
William Flagg signed up to do an epic cross country ride with Climate Ride in 2020 right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. He wisely postponed that trip, but in the meantime he jumped into Climate Rise, raising funds for all three Rise events. In August 2021, he headed out on his long-awaited Independent Challenge which […]
Mimi Torres is taking on a new challenge!
May 14, 2021
A lifelong environmentalist, Mimi Torres has never owned a car, and she never will. In 2005, she was car shopping for her first vehicle when she realized owning a car didn’t resonate with her. Instead, she commuted by walking and bussing for a couple of years and then got a bike and she hasn’t turned […]
Jessica Clegg Riding her First Century for Grid Alternatives
July 30, 2020
CR: What motivated you to ride a century? JC: At the beginning of the year I decided I was going to step out of my comfort zone and sign up for the North Coast Climate Ride. Riding 300 miles on my bike and fundraising thousands of dollars was completely intimidating. These goals were both out […]
Bike East Bay in Action
April 28, 2020
Mission Bike East Bay promotes healthy, sustainable communities by making bicycling safe, fun and accessible. They improve cycling through advocacy, education, and fun events. Because of Bike East Bay, the East Bay is a leader for innovative and accessible bikeways and streets that meet the needs of all users. They ensure cycling stays a mainstream, […]
Phoebe Moore riding to fight climate despair
September 10, 2019
Meet Phoebe Moore, the captain of Team Moms Biking Off Steam. She is a clinical psychologist who specializes in anxiety disorders in children, teen, and adults. She has been deeply concerned about climate change and knows that we all need to take action. As a mom and child psychologist, she has chosen to take on […]
A Tribute to Mike Nagy, Climate Rider, who will ride with us in spirit
August 27, 2019
Recently, we very suddenly lost a beloved Climate Rider to cancer. Mike Nagy was planning to join us on the Bar Harbor to Boston Ride this fall. Mike was kind and always had a smile. We were fortunate to ride with him in 2017 on the Blue Ridge to Washington DC Ride and again in […]