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Jonathan Zack – Coast Guard Search and Rescue Takes on Green Fondo

Jonathan Zack, an instructor for the Coast Guard maritime search and rescue planning, is participating in the 2022 California Green Fondo. Jonathan has seen the effects of climate change through his time working in the Coast Guard. We took the opportunity to discuss Jonathan’s experiences with climate change and how he has been involved in bettering the planet. Climate Ride (CR): What made you decide to participate in Climate Ride? Jonathan Zack (JZ): I am participating in this ride because a friend asked if I wanted to join and once I found out it was to bring awareness to climate change I was all in. I love to ride bikes and I want more people to know there are many resources around to help with climate change such as rethinking farming and transportation to positively impact our future. CR: How has climate change impacted you and/or the area you live in? JZ: Currently, I live in California which is a very progressive state. Prior to California, I was living in Alaska where climate change is really impacting the native tribes and how they obtain their food. Climate change is also impacting fisheries in Alaska. In the midwest, where my mom lives, climate change is causing mild winters and hotter summers, which is impacting crops and livability. CR: It sounds like you do your part to stay aware of how climate change affects your home. Which beneficiaries have you chosen to support through your participation in Green Fondo and why? JZ: I am supporting Alliance of The Great Lakes, Appalachian Mountain Club, Ohio Environmental Council and Recyclery NC. I chose these groups because the Great Lakes and Appalachian areas are rich in oil and natural gases, I want to ensure that folks who want to build out cycling infrastructure, as well as climate-aware individuals, are funded in order to enhance their voice and presence as these areas develop. CR: Thank you for your efforts to support these incredible organizations! Now that we know who you will be fundraising for, can you tell us a little bit about how you spend your day-to-day and what field you work in? JZ: I am in the Coast Guard. I am in operations and focus on maritime search and rescue planning. Currently, I am an instructor and teach junior personnel communications and critical thinking (from a search and rescue command and control perspective). CR: That is so interesting! Thank you for doing your part to protect people. Has preparing for and participating in this event spurred you to take any action on climate (personal, locally, or nationally)? JZ: I have signed partitions against the development of new mines. I ride my bike to work 2 times a week 14 miles each way to lower my footprint. For this event, I put a donations request on my Facebook and sent out text messages requesting donations as well. CR: Thank you, Jonathan, for putting in hard work for the planet and for participating in the 2022 Green Fondo California. If you would like to help Jonathan reach his goal of $1,000, please follow the link below!