Two riders alongside green pasture

About Our Events

What are Climate Ride events all about?

Climate Ride is a grassroots movement to protect the planet. These events inspire, educate, and generate powerful grants for the environment, climate, conservation, and bike advocacy.

Through multi-day cycling and hiking charitable events, and the Independent Challenge program, our participants are taking direct action to grow the sustainability and active transportation movements.


Climate Ride provides its thousands of participants a unique opportunity to merge environmental passion, love of physical activity and challenge, and philanthropic commitment.

Fundraise for a cause you love through a human-powered adventure you love... and repeat!  Each year, our participants return to raise more funds, explore new routes, and participate in changing our communities for the better. 

Our events also inspire and connect people. As a participant, you will meet, learn from, and network with individuals doing remarkable work to advance sustainability, clean energy, climate change solutions, and active transportation.

Have fun, raise funds, further your knowledge, and the environmental cause, and find friends – Climate Ride offers it all!

To learn more about these fundraising events, including day-by-day and logistical information, click on an event. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!