Total Mileage
42 miles
Group Size
Range of Daily Mileage
Fundraising Commitment
Trip Length
3 Days

We’ve dreamed of putting on a running event. This once-in-a-lifetime run follows the course of Oregon’s Wild and Scenic Rogue River and you are supported by raft. Climate Ride trips on the Rogue River are supported by Momentum River Expeditions, a licensed and legal permit holder of the US Forest Service and BLM. The Rogue River is an iconic American classic; one of the world’s great wilderness rivers, a founding member of the National Wild and Scenic River System, and a river with such a grand reputation that in some circles it is simply known as “The Canyon”. The trail is 42 miles of wilderness single-track that is only accessed from the start, the finish, or by river. You’ll be fully supported by our running and river guides. This event is geared for runners of all speeds, from the front to the back of the pack, who can comfortably run 12 to 15 miles per day. 

It is a stunning wilderness playground that is home to a staggering amount of wildlife and abundant whitewater. There are narrow canyons of polished rock, cool grotto’s draped in ferns, heavily forested hillsides, big sandy beaches, some of the best swimming holes anywhere, cascading waterfalls, and hikes up tumbling side streams. It is common to see bald eagles, osprey, otter, and black bear. The Rogue is one of the world’s classic wilderness areas. It is a place to recharge, relax and live simply.

From the first moment when we enter the Rogue River wilderness area, you will see that Climate Run is an inspiring journey with a small group of like-minded runners who are united by their passion for the environment, sustainable transportation, renewable energy, and preserving our planet for generations to come. Climate Ride takes care of all the details, so you can focus on fundraising, training, and then running along carefully planned routes. We don’t expect you to run every single mile of every day. On this trip, the main focus is to enjoy the outdoors and move quickly through beautiful landscapes – fast hiking is okay!

If you have any issues while on this run, our support team is always nearby to assist you, keep you happy and healthy, and make your trek worry-free and memorable. There are several points during the day that you can be picked up by our rafting guides.

All breakfasts, dinners, lunches, snacks, camping equipment, and guiding are included.  Participants will carry just a running daypack with snacks, water, and personal items. Our camp staff handles luggage and all meals.

On this event, you can choose from our full list of beneficiaries and proceeds will be distributed to the Climate Ride grants program based on your beneficiary selection. You will have access to our superb personal fundraising software and the full support of our team. Participants may select their beneficiaries from our list of more than 100 extraordinary non-profit organizations.

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