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Climate Hike – White Mountains

We’ll hike through boreal forests, take in breathtaking vistas above the tree line, and eventually settle into a cozy Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) hut each night to recount our adventures under the stars. Each night, we’ll hear from one of AMC’s regional experts on topics such as the forest ecosystem, climate research in the national forest, and more. Your four days of hiking will be a fulfilling challenge and energize philanthropic action for public lands, conservation, and climate awareness.

This adventure is done in partnership with our friends at Appalachian Mountain Club – a Climate Ride Beneficiary Partner. AMC’s mission is to foster the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of the outdoors.

The rise in outdoor recreation paired with the ongoing crisis of climate change highlights the importance of AMC’s conservation research and advocacy work across the region. Understanding how climate change is affecting our region keeps AMC’s team of scientists busy as they study the air, waters, forests, and fields throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Their findings provide science-supported action items, allowing AMC to lead by example.

Bunks — in these amazing huts!
Total Mileage
20 – 30 miles
Group Size
Range of Daily Mileage/Elevaation
4 – 8 miles, 3000+ ft
Fundraising Commitment
Registration Fee $150
Trip Length
4 Nights, 4 Days

From the first moment when we enter White Mountain National Forest, you will see that Climate Hike is more than a hiking trip — it’s an inspiring journey with a small group of like-minded hikers who are united by their passion for the environment, sustainable transportation, renewable energy, and preserving our planet for generations to come.

On Climate Hike Appalachian Trail Hut to Hut, you’ll spend four days hiking the iconic trails through over, around, and between New Hampshire’s famed Presidential Range. During the trip, you’ll cover 20+ miles across the White Mountains, cresting above the tree line for breathtaking views and plunging back into the cover of lush alpine forests. Professional Appalachian Mountain Club guides will accompany us on each day to teach us about the area’s flourishing but delicate ecosystem, so you can bring this knowledge home to your community. This is a very special trip: Each night, AMC experts will give talks on climate science, history, and ecology.

Climate Ride takes care of all the details, so you can focus on fundraising, training, and then trekking four to eight miles per day along carefully planned routes. Each day, the group will be divided into smaller hiking groups led by a knowledgeable and friendly AMC guide. Our group hiking pace will hover around one to two miles per hour (depending on conditions), and generally speaking, this trip is designed for hikers who are in good health and regularly hike. You should be comfortable hiking a minimum of eight miles a day and be able to ascend 2,000 feet in a normal day (we will be ascending more than this on multiple days, but this is a good benchmark for your fitness). Please note that this stretch of the Appalachian Trail is known for its rocky footing – balance work should be an essential part of your training in advance of this trip.

It’s meant to be challenging yet doable, and you have all day to hike and learn. Our support team is always nearby to assist you, keep you happy and healthy, and make your trek worry-free and memorable.

All breakfasts, dinners, packed lunches, snacks, lodging, guiding, and shuttles are included. Participants must bring their own sleeping bag and camp pillow (bunks in the huts will be padded). Participants will be required to carry their own pack with overnight supplies, snacks, and water, but due to the convenience of the well-stocked AMC huts (our overnight accommodations), your pack will be much lighter than a typical backpacking trip requires. Our guide staff will handle all meals.

Climate Hikers will have access to our superb personal fundraising software and the full support of our team. On this event, you can choose from our full list of beneficiaries and proceeds will be distributed to the Climate Ride grants program based on your beneficiary selection. Participants may select their beneficiaries from our list of more than 100 extraordinary non-profit organizations. We encourage you to consider fundraising for Appalachian Mountain Club as we will be hearing from AMC scientists and conservationists during this adventure so your trip experience will be even more fulfilling knowing that you make this great work possible!

Getting to New Hampshire

PLANE: There are quite a few airports within a three hour drive from the AMC Highland Center in New Hampshire. Each airport has its own service offerings with regards to airlines and rental cars, so be sure to do your research before booking. Here are some larger airport options in the region and the time it takes to drive to AMC Highland Center from them:

CAR: If you choose to drive to the trip start, you may park your vehicle at the Highland Center (where there is ample safe parking) while you are on Climate Hike.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: While getting to the ride start by public transport is possible, there is essentially only one option, which can make things tricky if any part of your itinerary ends up running late. That said, if you can be strategic about the timing, you can take the Concord Coach to Lincoln, NH, then catch the Hiker Shuttle to Highland Center. The stop in Lincoln you’ll want to navigate to is the 7-11 gas station.

The Trip Start

This hike begins at the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Highland Center at Crawford Notch, in Bretton Woods, NH. Please arrive at the “HiC” with your luggage in the late afternoon/early evening (more specific details will be provided in your hike guide).

After the Hike

Climate Hike will end back at AMC Highland Center around lunchtime on the final day. There, we’ll celebrate the end of the hike with a picnic lunch and group photo, before collecting our luggage/gear and departing.

Accommodations & Meals

Imagine falling asleep in the comfort of a cozy hut, surrounded by your fellow campers, reminiscing after an amazing day of hiking. It’s the best! In camp at each hut, we take care of all the details so you’re free to relax and connect with other Climate Hikers.

We have secured lodging at AMC’s wonderful huts, which are fully enclosed shelters that provide us with access to the best trails, meals to start and end each day, and great company. True to their rustic charm, the huts have no showers and limited electricity — i.e. enough for lighting, but no outlets for charging phones or other electronics.

Our AMC chefs will prepare delicious, healthy, warm meals for the group. Think hot, filling breakfasts with coffee and tea, and tasty dinners with delicious desserts. Each morning you will pack snacks and a nourishing lunch to bring on the trail. Our morning snack table will have items to keep you energized all day while hiking. We reduce waste by using compostable items for our picnics and pack lunches, and for dinner, we use real plates & cutlery.

On this trip, camp really becomes a dynamic community, so get excited to connect with your fellow hikers in a profound — and FUN — way!

How much do we shuttle each day?

We will only be shuttling hikers to the trailhead on our first day of hiking. From there, our feet will be our only shuttle as we journey along the Appalachian Trail!

Is this a backpacking trip?

Yes! Ideally, you should bring a backpacking style pack for carrying your sleeping supplies, a couple changes of clothes, and water. Because we’re staying in and being fed at the AMC’s huts each night, you will not need to carry any food (aside from whatever snacks you grab in the morning)! Which is all to say, you will not be carrying a classically full pack. Depending on your gear, your pack should weigh somewhere between 15 and 25 pounds.

What is the difficulty. Do I need to be a serious hiker to do this Climate Hike?

This event is ideal for hikers who have trained and are looking for a challenge. This is a beautiful and educational tour, not a race, but it will push you.

The White Mountains are known for their tough climbs and rugged terrain, so to ensure your body is ready for the challenge, it is important that you train for this hike. We’ll provide you with training tips and a packing list to make sure you’re prepared for the trail.

Unlike our other Climate Hikes, there are no short options. We are hiking hut to hut. You must fully commit to each day’s hike. Be prepared for four to eight miles, and 3,000+ ft of climbing each day.

If someone is injured, our expert staff has protocols in place for evacuation. If you do need to leave the hike, you will not be able to rejoin the trip.

What is the hiking group size each day?

Due to trail restrictions that limit the number of hikers, our AMC Guides may divide the group into smaller hiking groups based on your hiking ability. Every hike is beautiful, and our job is to make sure you have a safe and memorable experience.

What do I need to bring?

We’ll provide you with a full packing list that will detail what clothes and items you should bring to have a comfortable trip.

At the very least, you’ll need to bring your own sleeping bag and camp pillow. You’ll also want to make sure you have good footwear with ankle support for this trip.

Fundraising Beneficiaries

Hikers can choose from the more than 100 incredible beneficiary organizations in our network! One of the things that make Climate Ride such an effective charitable event is that you can select the organization(s) you wish to fundraise for from our extensive list of beneficiary organizations. Our beneficiaries were selected for their work on the environment, conservation, sustainability, climate education, and active transportation advocacy. At the end of the year, Climate Ride grants the proceeds from our events to these hard-working organizations.

As this Climate Hike – White Mountains features the outstanding work of Appalachian Mountain Club, please consider fundraising for their important mission and work for the outdoors.

Fundraising and Transfer Deadlines | Important Dates

Fundraising Deadlines:


Learn more about deadlines and transfers on our Policies page.

Note: If you’d like to register after or near a fundraising deadline, don’t worry, we’re here to help you get up to speed!

More Questions?

Be sure to review our general FAQ and policies, or contact us!

Doris Marlin
Climate Hike White Mountains

This Climate Hike was a perfect mix of fun, bonding, physical challenge, immersion in nature’s power, experiencing the White Mountains cultural jewel of New England, great food, great staff. We all came together to address the climate crisis, for ourselves, for life as we know it, for those most vulnerable, for future generations. And we won’t stop.

Kim Vrijen, Rogue River
Rogue River Run

I had such an incredible adventure with Climate Ride at the Rogue River. The trail we traveled was so beautiful, it was idyllic. All the logistics were taken care of, and the food was terrific! The rafting company chose the most magnificent locations for our tents and provided everything we needed to enjoy ourselves at the end of the day. Climate Ride brought together an inspirational group of people to run (and walk) and getting to know the other participants was a highlight of the trip. All and all, a fantastic run! I can’t wait to sign up for another Climate Ride experience!

Erin Mezgar
Glacier Hike

Overall fantastic, life-changing experience!

Climate Hike is a great way to not only challenge yourself but also your community to take actions that will create real change for our warming planet!