Bunks — in these amazing huts!
Total Mileage
20 - 30 miles
Group Size
Range of Daily Mileage/Elevaation
4 - 8 miles, 3000+ ft
Reg Fee/Fundraising Commitment
Trip Length
4 Nights, 4 Days

From the first moment when we enter White Mountain National Forest, you will see that Climate Hike is more than a hiking trip — it’s an inspiring journey with a small group of like-minded hikers who are united by their passion for the environment, sustainable transportation, renewable energy, and preserving our planet for generations to come.

On Climate Hike Appalachian Trail Hut to Hut, you’ll spend four days hiking the iconic trails through over, around, and between New Hampshire’s famed Presidential Range. During the trip, you’ll cover 20+ miles across the White Mountains, cresting above the tree line for breathtaking views and plunging back into the cover of lush alpine forests. Professional Appalachian Mountain Club guides will accompany us on each day to teach us about the area’s flourishing but delicate ecosystem, so you can bring this knowledge home to your community. This is a very special trip: Each night, AMC experts will give talks on climate science, history, and ecology.

Climate Ride takes care of all the details, so you can focus on fundraising, training, and then trekking four to eight miles per day along carefully planned routes. Each day, the group will be divided into smaller hiking groups led by a knowledgeable and friendly AMC guide. Our group hiking pace will hover around one to two miles per hour (depending on conditions), and generally speaking, this trip is designed for hikers who are in good health and regularly hike. You should be comfortable hiking a minimum of eight miles a day and be able to ascend 2,000 feet in a normal day (we will be ascending more than this on multiple days, but this is a good benchmark for your fitness). Please note that this stretch of the Appalachian Trail is known for its rocky footing – balance work should be an essential part of your training in advance of this trip.

It’s meant to be challenging yet doable, and you have all day to hike and learn. Our support team is always nearby to assist you, keep you happy and healthy, and make your trek worry-free and memorable.

All breakfasts, dinners, packed lunches, snacks, lodging, guiding, and shuttles are included. Participants must bring their own sleeping bag and camp pillow (bunks in the huts will be padded). Participants will be required to carry their own pack with overnight supplies, snacks, and water, but due to the convenience of the well-stocked AMC huts (our overnight accommodations), your pack will be much lighter than a typical backpacking trip requires. Our guide staff will handle all meals.

Climate Hikers will have access to our superb personal fundraising software and the full support of our team. On this event, you can choose from our full list of beneficiaries and proceeds will be distributed to the Climate Ride grants program based on your beneficiary selection. Participants may select their beneficiaries from our list of more than 100 extraordinary non-profit organizations. We encourage you to consider fundraising for Appalachian Mountain Club as we will be hearing from AMC scientists and conservationists during this adventure so your trip experience will be even more fulfilling knowing that you make this great work possible!

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