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Biking 4,400 Miles and $44,000 to Save Our Seas
February 8, 2019
Biking across the country is a challenge few of us will ever take on. But Tim Oey is about to do just that for the second time! Tim retired early from his work at high tech companies like Apple and Adobe to do public service work full time, often as a volunteer. If you asked […]
Climate Ride California North Coast Spotlight | Dave Howes
May 4, 2018
Dave Howes is a retired firefighter who lives in Northern California, so the devastation caused by the fires in 2017 hit close to his heart. According to Scientific American, those fires burned over 170,000 acres, killed more than 20 peopleĀ and destroyed thousands of buildings. In part, they were the result of the summer of 2017 […]