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Thanks for raising your heart rate, and lowering the temps! By completing this challenge, you are one step closer to the Climate Day of Action–your day, your way.

Enter your information below to be entered to win a free trip and other epic prizes from the Climate Ride: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Strava Challenge.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

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If you are entered into the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Strava Challenge, you’ll hear from us as soon as you’ve finished your 240 minutes of activity so that you can be entered to win a spot on one of our events in 2023. See our full event list here.

Take the next step, sign up for free for the Day of Climate Action on October 22nd. Every single dollar raised will be matched 100%. Raise $25, we give $50. Easy! Register here.

Here are a few of the 2023 events: