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Climate Rise – Day of Action

STEP 2 – Dream up a fun challenge to do together (ideas below)!
STEP 3 – Raise a bunch of funds to give a boost to your favorite nonprofits!

You choose!
Registration Fee
Suggested Fundraising Commitment (optional)
You decide!

Climate change impacts us all – everywhere. Whatever you love, it’s going to be harder to do because of this crisis. But nonprofits are leading the way, despite only receiving 3% of charitable giving in the US annually. So let’s rise – now. Pick a challenge involving something you love. Make a team. Whatever you decide to do, share it on your socials. Post about climate change. Talk about bike advocacy. Share a video about protecting wild places. Raise funds. Go big. And, we have great prizes for you!

This day of action is all about sharing your joy of adventure and raising funds for organizations by inviting your friends, family, bike club, pick-up soccer crew, neighbors, and whoever else you can think of to join you!

Just make sure you spend some time letting people know climate change is a priority and they can help you take action by donating. Come up with something unique for you: stream a DND campaign or take a day to walk a hundred laps around your garden or spend a week volunteering – the challenge is up to you!

For more information, check out our toolkit here.

We are calling all cyclists, hikers, walkers, skateboarders, stand-up paddle boarders, content creators, pogo-ers, gamers, streamers, outdoors enthusiasts, artists – you name it – to do what you love while you connect with others about how you’re helping to protect the planet.

Let people know that the climate crisis matters to you and they can help you take action by donating or joining you! Come up with something unique for you: stream a DND campaign or take a day to walk a hundred laps around your garden, pick up trash, or spend the day volunteering – the challenge is up to you. Whatever you do, use it to fundraise and talk about climate action and we will match dollar for dollar.

All you need to do is sign up and pick an activity that inspires and challenges you. There are no boundaries to what you can do.

When you register, you can select from our full list of more than 100 nonprofits that do the hard work of protecting the planet.

And, it’s easy to start a team when you register. You can make this a group effort and have even more fun enrolling your friends and family in this day of action.

What activity should I choose to do?

The sky is the limit here! We encourage you to choose any activity that brings you joy and that you wish to share with our community. It can take 5 minutes or it can take all month.

Here’s a list of ideas from our team and past Climate Risers:

Speed run Mario. Boogey board. Set up a solar panel, plant a garden, pick up trash, walk up and down stairs hundreds of times, pogo-stick, set a goal on your bike trainer, play a new piano piece, write 100 postcards, run a 5K, or meet your push-up goal. Paint something for the world to see, plant your garden, or sew masks for health care workers. Create a community free store or tiny library. Kill all the bosses in your favorite game. Try to bake bread, refurbish an old chair, dribble a soccer ball on your knee for as long as you can. Challenge your family to ping pong, clean all your windows, build a big lego surprise, hit the trail, recite a poem, or build a sandcastle. The joy is in what we can do when we are creative. And for us at Climate Ride, art, advocacy, and adventure are lifetime pursuits that can be fulfilled by everything that we do.

Need ideas?

Climate Ride – Bike your goal, road, gravel, or indoor
Climate Write – Send letters to elected officials. Or write poems!
Climate Stride – Strider ride with kids
Climate Tide – Pick up the beach, go surfing, go swimming
Climate Shred – Mountain bike ride
Climate Game – Gamers go green!
Climate Wine – Learn about sustainable or biodynamic
Climate Chef – Cook low on the food chain
Climate Paddle – Raft, kayak or standup paddle-board
Climate Jam – Play music
Climate Dance – Show us your moves
Climate Climb – Climb a crag, or bag a peak
Climate Hike – Hit the trail
Climate Run – Run what you love
Climate Pride – Show your LGBTQ pride for climate
Climate Camp – Get outside in nature or camp in your living room
Climate Grrl Power – Empower young girls to be active
Climate Burn – Wear your Burning Man outfit and…
Climate Glide – Paraglide
Climate Bake – Get sour and raise some dough!
Climate Delivery – Bring essentials to those still quarantined
Climate Magic – Learn a magic trick
Climate High – Listen to John Denver all day or…
Climate Joke – Perform a standup routine online or for your roommate
Climate Connect Four – Play a board game with friends or family
Climate ??? (fill in the blank)


Why does Climate Rise matter?

The economic downturn is deeply affecting non-profits. It is possible that the non-profits you love and value may not survive.

At Climate Ride we are determined to see our grants program and its support for climate and active transportation survive and thrive again. Part of that effort includes keeping our community connected, growing, and learning how and where we can be a beacon of hope.

Your outreach and fundraising have profound ripple effects. Taking on this challenge is a statement about your values and your vision for our future.

Who are the beneficiaries?

If you register through our Donor Drive platform, you can choose from the more than 100 incredible beneficiary organizations in the Climate Ride network! One of the things that make Climate Ride such an effective charitable event is that you can select the organization(s) you wish to benefit through the Climate Ride grants program. Our beneficiaries were selected for their work on the environment, conservation, sustainability, climate education, and active transportation advocacy.

If you register through Tiltify, you’ll be signing up to support our Environmental Justice Action Grants program. Because of restrictions at Tiltify, we can’t offer individual beneficiary selection.

We are grateful for your support.

Can I sign up my friends/family/pets?

We totally encourage you to! Please share the registration link with anyone. This is about building a community and bringing out the best in all of us.

I just heard about this but can’t sign up now. Can I do it another time?

Of course! You can sign up now and do an activity of your choice at any time you like!

More Questions?

More Questions?
Email us at [email protected]!

Wade (AKA DRWD40)
Climate Rise- Earth Every Day

Partnering with Climate Ride as part of Climate Rise was an amazing and rewarding experience. Took the stress of the background work behind a fundraiser, and they were there helping and supporting along the way! Would join them again in the future. 10/10

Anne Sauer
California Central Coast

After participating in seven Climate Ride events (eight if you count Climate Rise!) I continue to be impressed with the Climate Ride staff as well as the community of riders–I couldn’t ask to be part of a kinder, more thoughtful, and incredibly fun group of people, all brought together by our desire to combine our passions for cycling with making the world a better place.

Bill Soeltz
Green Fondo New York

I just participated in my first Climate Ride in Western New York. It certainly will not be my last! The event was very well organized. It was a wonderful group of people that care about one of the great challenges we face today, climate change. Even more important, it was group of people trying to address this problem by personally taking action to make change happen to better our world.

John Metz
Glacier National Park Ride

Glacier Ride 2022 may be the best life experiences I have ever had. The park is fantastic, the guides and crew worked so hard to make it go well and were so fun to be around. I am a quiet person and everyone made me feel included. I’ve made some lifelong friends.