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Event: Authors, Artists, and Scientists

Erick Cedeño
March 3, 2023
Erick Cedeño is an explorer and historian, and on social media, he is known as the Bicycle Nomad. (IG: bicycle_nomad) 12 years ago, he embarked on a bicycle tour from Vancouver, Canada to Tijuana, Mexico. The following year he traveled from Miami Beach, FL to New York City, NY. In 2014 and 2020 he rode from New […]
Abel Gustafson
August 15, 2022
Abel Gustafson, PhD, is Assistant Professor at University of Cincinnati, Co-Founder XandY Analytics, and a Research Affiliate at Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. He specializes in using social scientific research to understand how people think and act regarding science, technology, and sustainability and uses his research to develop communication strategies that can shift opinions […]
Sony Ton-Aime
August 15, 2022
Sony Ton-Aime is a Haitian poet, essayist, and translator. He is the Michael I. Rudell Director of Literary Arts at Chautauqua Institution. In addition to his chapbook, LaWomann (Ironworks Press, 2019), he is the author of the Haitian Creole translation of the book Olympic Hero: The Lennox Kilgour’s Story. He has with other Haitian scholars […]
Jaclyn Robidoux
September 7, 2021
As a member of the Marine Extension Team, Jaclyn focuses on the development of the seaweed sector in Maine, with an emphasis on sustainable production, post-harvest processing, and product development. Her work provides support for coastal communities through outreach education, technology transfer programs, and by coordinating stakeholders around Maine’s seaweed resources. Jaclyn’s background in technical […]
Phoebe Moore, PhD
September 10, 2019
Phoebe S. Moore, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who has specialized in the treatment of adults, children, teens and families affected by obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety disorders since 1998. Dr. Moore joined the faculty at Duke University Medical Center in 2004 and then came to the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2011. […]
Ashley Marsh
September 10, 2019
Ashley joined MASS in 2018, driven by a desire to address the spatial implications of our rewired culture of life, learning, and play. A licensed architect, she has worked across the spectrum of learning, public, technology, and innovative research sectors. Ashley was part of the team that wrote “The Third Teacher” one of Fast Company’s […]
Dirk Rosen
September 10, 2019
Dirk is an ocean explorer, deploying deep diving robotic submarines to document recovery and demise in the depths beyond SCUBA. Dirk designed and built manned submersibles and robotic submarines for 17 years, and spent another 5 years at NASA integrating robotics into the International Space Station, before founding, and running Marine Applied Research and Exploration […]
Kathy Lunetta
September 5, 2019
Kathy Lunetta is a professor of Biostatistics at Boston University School of Public Health, where she mentors Master of Public Health students and doctoral students in biostatistics, bioinformatics, and epidemiology.  Her school’s location next to a safety net hospital and in a coastal city leads her to confront the impact of climate change on the […]
Sasha Reed, Ph. D.
May 8, 2019
Dr. Sasha Reed is an ecologist focused on understanding how our nation’s ecosystems work and what factors determine the services they provide. The study sites and methods Sasha uses are diverse, and with each of her projects she strives to provide scientific information that helps our nation address challenges, solve problems, and maximize opportunities. Sasha […]
Tim Sullivan
August 29, 2018
Tim Sullivan is the Climate Director for the North American Region of The Nature Conservancy. He oversees work in all 50 states to develop a climate change program including work on state-level policy; land-based emissions mitigation, and communication and outreach projects. Prior to this, he was the State Director for The Conservancy’s Colorado Chapter. As […]
Elizabeth A. Del Buono, MD
August 14, 2018
Elizabeth (Lisa) A. Del Buono, MD trained at the University of Michigan as a surgical pathologist and has practiced in Traverse City, Michigan since 2000.  In 2013, out of concern for her son’s future, Lisa became an active volunteer in the Grand Traverse Area Citizens’ Climate Lobby for which she has served as co-leader, CCL liaison to […]
Erich Peitzsch
August 1, 2018
Erich is a Physical Scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center in West Glacier, Montana. His research focuses on snow, ice, and avalanches, primarily in and around Glacier National Park. He completed his Master of Science and is finishing his PhD in Snow Science at Montana State University. When not trying […]