Louisiana Bucket Brigade


Mission: Louisiana Bucket Brigade is on a mission to end the petrochemical industry’s destruction of Louisiana. In Louisiana, pollution makes us sick. Greenhouse gas emissions are intensifying and accelerating climate change, storms, and coastal land loss. The oil and gas infrastructure damages our precious wetlands. And constant petrochemical industry expansion continues to wipe historic African American communities off the map. Our work supports grassroots action to create informed, sustainable communities free from industrial pollution. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped residents and community leaders amplify their voices and protect their health, their homes, and their way of life. By hastening the transition away from fossil fuels, we’re working to create a more livable state for everyone in Louisiana.

“Thank you for standing with Louisiana Bucket Brigade. For decades, the petrochemical industry has polluted our communities, with toxic chemicals and known carcinogens that register off the charts in air, water, and soil monitoring. Our state and local leaders approve these permits with impunity. It’s no coincidence these mega polluters build in Black neighborhoods. We’re fighting this injustice and our movement is stronger because of Climate Ride. Stay engaged, stay in touch!” –Anne Rolfes, Executive Director

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