Mission: Uplift connects, trains, and mobilizes young people for climate justice. Across the Colorado Plateau and the greater Southwest, we see the beginnings of climate catastrophes such as megadrought and deadly wildfires. The air in our cities has become unbreathable, our forests are burning, and our river beds are drying. We do not know if the places we call home will remain livable and healthy. Indigenous, Black, brown, rural, queer, disabled, and low-income communities are on the front lines of climate disaster.

“Young people in the greater Southwest region are generally under-resourced as our region lacks basic infrastructure, is rural, and within the climate movement, we see spotlights on Washington DC, New York, California, and the Pacific Northwest, with rural regions such as the Southwest being overlooked. We are excited to offer to our community, in the fall of 2021, microgrants or scholarships to young people involved in environmental and climate justice work.

Funding from Climate Ride will go directly to young people who are starting climate justice initiatives as well as support Uplifts team in the facilitation and delivery of these microgrants. With the support of Climate Ride, Uplift will be able to grant a total of $6,500 to young people in the greater Southwest.” –Lyrica Maldonado, Uplift Climate

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