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Our Impact

Our goal is to bring people and nonprofits together to inspire action and make protecting the planet a philanthropic priority for everyone.

So far we’ve made some amazing progress!

Charitable Cycling, Hiking & Running Events

Inspire: Climate Ride empowers participants to engage in the fight for our planet by completing multi-day cycling, running, and hiking events and fundraising for the organizations they value most.

Educate: Participants get the opportunity to meet and learn from remarkable people who work on sustainability, clean energy, climate change solutions, and active transportation. Learn more about our expert speakers.

Fund: Climate Ride and its donors generate powerful, unrestricted grants for climate change, the environment, conservation, and bicycle advocacy. See the impact of our grants program.

Join Us: Fundraise for a cause you love using the human-powered transportation you love… and come back for more! Year after year, many Climate Ride participants return to explore new routes, raise more funds, and deepen their resolve to change our communities for the better.

Climate Riders in Iceland Cycling Event
Climate Riders in Iceland

Alumni Network

Climate Ride energizes an already highly engaged community around sustainability and active transportation. Through online platforms and personal networks, Climate Ride alumni stay in touch and continue to collaborate long after each event.

Climate Ride’s charitable events offer the only setting where people who work on sustainability from different angles have the opportunity to spend multiple days together on an exciting, active adventure. It’s like a rolling (or hiking or running) summer camp for environmental adults!

The cross-pollination of ideas that occurs on a ride inspires action and partnerships that endure long after participants pack their bags and head home. Climate Ride is working to build the capacity of its alumni to continue to stay engaged in climate action and sustainability, together.

Cycling the California Coast on Climate Ride
Cycling the California Coast on Climate Ride

Community Leader Awards

Climate Ride is committed to building an inclusive environmental movement, led by people with varied backgrounds and perspectives. That’s why Climate Ride grants Community Leader Awards to a diverse group of young advocates across the nation. Their participation in our charitable events is key to building intergenerational unity and strength.

With these awards, we are proud to honor and support young people on their path to transformational leadership. We are very grateful to the Annual Fund donors who make these awards possible!

We are committed to our Community Leader Awards program and as soon as we can move back to larger events in 2021, we plan to expand this program and provide awards for community leaders who work on climate change, clean energy, environmental justice, and transportation issues. These awards recognize individual achievements in these areas, as well as future leadership potential. Awards are prioritized for people of color, youth activists, and applicants from underserved communities.

Climate Ride partners with eligible community-based organizations in order to make the award program a success. These partner organizations each develop their own nomination and application process for selecting scholarship recipients. Climate Ride partners are also instrumental in providing training for the event, securing necessary equipment, and mentoring the awardee before the event.

Climate Ride provides Community Leader Awards to cover the costs of attending our events, and we provide additional fund-raising support. Awardees are encouraged to fundraise so that they can hone their climate messaging, organizational development, and networking skills.

See what a few of the Community Leaders had to say:

Congressional Meetings

Climate Ride has organized more than 600 advocacy meetings over the past decade and brought hundreds of people to Congress to talk to their elected officials. On advocacy days, Climate Riders speak directly to their senators and representatives about their support for climate action and sustainable transportation.

As part of our focus on education and civic duty, we encourage participants to learn about the issues related to our cause. However, Climate Ride is a nonpartisan organization and we do not endorse any particular candidates, politicians, or legislation. We’re helping to create a grassroots force of “people-powered” advocates.