In 2020, despite being an extraordinary year because of the pandemic and travel restrictions, more than 100 Climate Riders, Runners, Risers, and Hikers enabled us to award over $100,000 in grants. This brings our total impact to more than $6.2 million since 2008. Our independent efforts to generate powerful grants have resulted in direct support to help fight legal battles for public lands and clean air. We’ve amplified diverse voices in sustainable transportation and provided funds for organizations building safer options for bicyclists and walkers. Our grants have led to renewable energy projects in national parks, relieving pollution in critically impacted ecosystems.

Together we’ve braced an environmental movement that needs new voices and an active citizenry willing to walk the walk and bike the bike.

2020 was a challenging year for nonprofits and Climate Ride was no exception. With the coronavirus pandemic, we had to cancel many events, and the events we did hold saw limited participation due to local restrictions. Despite this, we were able to navigate the events of the past year and even introduce a new virtual event, all while laying a solid foundation for the future. We expect to grow and expand as the world emerges from this devastating pandemic.

We delivered 95 grants to beneficiaries working in sustainability, renewable energy, climate action, conservation, and public health. Below we’ve profiled a few of our Climate Ride grants in action.