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Gabriela Hydle

Community Leader Green Fondo 2024

“Seqër! I am an indigenous Mayan Guatemalan woman, I love the opportunity to bring diversity, equity, and inclusivity into the biking world.

First of all, thank you for the amazing opportunity and the wonderful support. Thank you I can´t thank you enough, because even though at the beginning I was wondering what I had gotten myself into, you guys did everything so well plan and so amazingly organized that helped me set into enjoying my stay, the views while riding, the team, the people who rode, the all was wonderful and I am much grateful for this transformative experience, muchas gracias!

As a BIPOC person who loves spending time in the outdoors, this year I’m excited to try more bikes, fat tire, road, gravel biking, and two bike packing trips.

Maltyox X 3 =Gracias.”

Gabriela Hydle