3 nights camping, 2 nights hotel
Total Mileage
Range of Daily Mileage
Group Size
Fundraising Commitment
Trip Length
6 Days

Welcome to the American Southwest and some of the most exciting winter road cycling in the country. Starting in Scottsdale, we’ll venture into a wild and beautiful landscape.

From Sky Islands to vast deserts, we’ll see it all. Giant saguaros are a universal symbol of the American West, yet these majestic plants are only found in a relatively small portion of Arizona. You’ll visit Saguaro National Park which protects some of the most impressive forests of these sub-tropical giants, right on the edge of the Tucson city limits.

Join us to experience southern Arizona’s finest biking, stay at a signature wilderness camp and then a hotel in Tucson, gain a first-hand understanding of this special land, and then have a chance to summit Mt. Lemmon, one of the great cycling ascents and descents in the world! It offers a stunning experience for every level of cyclist.

Climate Ride charitable events bring together bright minds, breathtaking routes for all cycling abilities, and an unforgettable combination of passion and purpose. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

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