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Maintaining Safety on Our Trips 2022

Reviewed: April 2022

Just as Climate Riders join together to restore and protect the health of the planet, so, too, does Climate Ride consider paramount the health and safety of each participant. The COVID-19 vaccination is required to participate in Climate Ride events conducted in California, Maine, Vermont, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and any international events. For events conducted in states where having such a vaccine requirement is currently prohibited, we request and strongly encourage participants to be vaccinated. We are constantly reviewing and updating our policies to safely run events during this pandemic and vaccination is the best way to keep all of our participants safe.


Across the country and the world, we’re all called upon to make daily decisions about many things in this new reality. We know that choosing to travel right now is a very personal decision based on many factors and we want to reassure you that your safety and the safety of our staff, participants, and the wider community where we travel is our top priority, especially during this time. Whether you’re venturing out or staying home, we know that life is not risk-free, which is why only you can decide what’s right for you. Any activity outside your home now has a risk of contracting COVID-19. It is of the utmost importance to us that participants feel comfortable and safe during our events.

With many states and regions changing guidelines and regulations, we are working to make sure your event is the safest experience possible. Many of the new robust practices and precautions we are implementing are designed to increase safety, while still preserving the quality and community that we’re all used to at Climate Ride.

We are monitoring the ever-changing situation nationally and globally, and the impact to travel around the world. We’re committed to keeping you updated and informed. To that end, we’ve put the following protocols and procedures in place on our scheduled trips to make our participants feel as safe and comfortable as possible and to help you decide what’s right for you. 

Scroll down to view the extra precautions we’re taking to make our events safe and enjoyable.