Carbon-negative blockchain’s non-profit commits $2.5M in donation matching; Algorand Foundation CEO Staci Warden a long-time Climate Rider

We have incredible news for the Climate Ride community. Thanks to a bold initiative to help accelerate Climate Ride’s environmental philanthropy, the Algorand Foundation has made an extraordinary commitment to match dollar for dollar every donation for every participant up to $2.5 million.

Yes, you read that correctly. $2.5 million. This is a momentous opportunity for Climate Ride to accelerate its grants to our partner non-profits. Register now for any event, Virtual Climate Rise, or design your own Independent Challenge. Your fundraising will be matched. 


When Climate Ride began as a charitable bike ride from NYC-DC in 2008, many people said we couldn’t do it. We had a saying “Ride your bike, change the world.” Since then thousands of people have joined us, raising millions.

Today, less than 3% of charitable giving in the US supports the environment. Even less goes to active transportation efforts like your local bicycle coalitions. We have a chance to change this.

Let’s support Climate Ride participants as they reach out to hundreds of thousands of people with a message to take positive action for the planet. 

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The Algorand Foundation, the non-profit affiliated with the carbon-negative blockchain Algorand, and Climate Ride, the non-profit mobilizing people to protect our planet through life-changing adventures, today announced a five-year initiative to promote community-powered environmental health and sustainability. The Algorand Foundation is committing $15M over five years by matching funds (up to $2.5M annually) raised by Climate Ride participants. Donations eligible for the match will be accepted year-round, beginning immediately.

This support will enable Climate Ride to expand event offerings, including the Green Fondo series – community cycling events styled after Gran Fondo rides – to other major cities. With the donation matching, Climate Ride will be able to double the contributions that everyday donors make to people who participate in Climate Ride’s biking, running and hiking events – building on the millions it has donated to support conservation, climate, environmental justice, sustainability and active transportation efforts.

“I did my first Climate Ride – four days and 250 miles through Death Valley – in 2017, raising money from my family and friends to support wildlife preservation in Africa,” recalls Algorand Foundation CEO and three-time Climate Rider Staci Warden. “Over the last 12 years, thousands of people like me have raised millions of dollars each year to support climate-related causes through the amazing work of Climate Ride, and we at Algorand are thrilled to be able to help amplify the efforts of its incredible (and fierce!) community of participants in their fight to help preserve the Earth’s environment.”

Algorand is unique among blockchains for its pure proof-of-stake protocol, which has drastically (by orders of magnitude) less energy consumption than its proof-of-work counterparts. Its commitment to maintaining a carbon-negative footprint contrasts with the environmental impact of other blockchains, whose environmental downsides have been well-documented. Algorand is also unique for its governance structure, which allows community members who hold ALGO – the cryptocurrency associated with the blockchain – to vote on changes made to the protocol.

“Today, donations to environmental causes represent only 3% of all philanthropy in the U.S. At the same time, we’ve seen matching grants – like the one Algorand Foundation is providing – lead to an 80% increase in donations to Climate Ride,” said Caeli Quinn, founder and executive director of Climate Ride. “We’re optimistic that initiatives like the one we’ve forged with Algorand will help Climate Ride expand environmental charitable awareness and encourage more people to get physically active and help their own communities get involved to heal and protect our planet.”

Donations are being matched, year-round, as of today. Click to learn more about:


Climate Ride is a community of adventurers dedicated to protecting the planet. We unite advocacy, action, and philanthropy, inspiring people to work together toward a sustainable future. With the environmental crisis, the hardest part is often figuring out how to get involved. At Climate Ride, we’ve created positive and inclusive events that are good for you and good for the planet. We help you discover and explore what you are capable of and turn that passion into support for environmental and active transportation grantees. Together, we bring people and nonprofits together to inspire action and make protecting the planet a philanthropic priority for everyone. For more information, visit


The Algorand blockchain — designed by the MIT professor and Turing Award winning cryptographer Silvio Micali — is uniquely capable of delivering on the promise of a borderless global economy. It achieves transaction throughputs at the speed of traditional finance, but with immediate finality, near zero transaction costs, and on a 24/7 basis. Its carbon-neutral platform and unique pure proof-of-stake consensus mechanism solves for the “blockchain trilemma” by achieving both security and scalability on a decentralized protocol, and without a second of downtime since it went live in 2019.

The Algorand Foundation is dedicated to helping fulfill the global promise of the Algorand blockchain by taking responsibility for its sound monetary supply economics, decentralized governance, and healthy and prosperous open-source ecosystem. For more information, visit

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