Riders getting to Capital Hill

Mission Statement

Statement of Purpose

The mission of Climate Ride is to inspire and empower citizens to work toward a new energy future. We use sport as a means to change lives and build an effective, citizen-based sustainability movement.

Climate Ride Program Goals

  • Raise money for projects and organizations that work on climate change, clean energy, active transportation, sustainable infrastructure, and public health.
  • Raise the profile of renewable energy and the green economy among participants, donors, sponsors, and the general public.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the inter-connectedness of environmental issues caused by the climate crisis among participants, donors, sponsors, and the general public.
  • Foster a sense of civic duty and participation that encourages engagement with members of Congress, elected officials, and national leaders.
  • Promote the bicycle as a viable, carbon-free, healthy, and critical component of a green transportation infrastructure.
  • Motivate individuals to take responsibility for reducing their carbon and energy footprint.
  • Develop multiple Climate Ride events that galvanize a worldwide network of Climate Riders.