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Juan Benitez

Juan Benitez, Board Member

After more than 25 years in Silicon Valley, Juan has accumulated a unique and diverse set of leadership and operating experiences based on a strong track record of professionalism, sound judgment, and integrity.

Most recently, Juan was President and Board Member of GoFundMe where he co-ran the company alongside the CEO. Prior to GoFundMe, Juan took a break from operating roles and was effective as a strategic advisor for CEOs of various companies and one of the largest global banks. Prior to that, Juan played a critical role in PayPal’s success in the transformative time during and following its split from eBay. During this time, Juan served as CTO of Braintree/Venmo then served as GM of Braintree leading the organization through a time of significant revenue growth and strategic impact across PayPal. Juan also held executive roles at Yahoo! and leadership positions in other tech companies and startups.

Juan is delighted to serve on the Climate Ride board and also enjoys philanthropic pursuits serving on the board of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Red Cross and supporting several key charities that align with his passions of the environment, cycling, and child/community development. As a  passionate cyclist, Juan has ridden  AIDS/Lifecycle from San Francisco to LA three times. He also enjoyed fundraising, riding, making new friends, and the fulfilling experiences of three Climate Ride events: Northern California, Utah/Escalante, and Death Valley and hopes to ride many more to help Climate Ride achieve its full potential.