Climate ride NYC 2011 in front of the Capitol

About Climate Ride

Climate Ride is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that organizes life-changing charitable biking and hiking events to raise awareness and support sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes. Learn more about the work that we do year-round:

The Charitable Events

Climate Ride produces charitable, multi-day, cycling and hiking events and a DIY program. Visit our events page for more information on the latest bike and hike event offerings. 

Our participants make an extraordinary contribution to a cause they care about. They are helping to provide much-needed financial support, raising awareness, and helping to build a national network of supporters.

The reward for this commitment is the experience of a lifetime through some of America's most beautiful landscapes. Participants meet and network with leaders in sustainability, renewable energy, and environmental causes while raising awareness of our cause.

The organizations that you support by joining Climate Ride are doing important work and the money you raise makes a crucial difference.  Proceeds from the charitable bike and hike events benefit a collection of environmental and active transportation non-profits. Cyclists and hikers can choose to direct grants to the non-profit of their choice. Learn more about our beneficiaries and read common questions asked by participants in the FAQ.

The Speaker Series

The Speaker Series: Each evening of the bike rides, speakers educate and inspire participants about sustainability, climate, the green economy, and active transportation. Our participants and the communities we pass through learn that our government, businesses, and each individual American will benefit from a cleaner, healthier planet. This is a unique event — a fundraiser and green conference on wheels. Learn more about our speakers here.

The Congressional Appointments

Advocacy Meetings: When we end a Climate Ride event in Washington DC, we give cyclists the chance to meet with Congress. The Climate Ride staff schedules hundreds of appointments for our bike riders to meet in person with their senators and representatives when they arrive by bike in Washington DC. As part of our focus on education and civic duty, we encourage participants to learn about the issues related to our cause. However, Climate Ride is a non-partisan organization and we do not endorse any particular candidates, politicians, or legislation. We're helping to create a grassroots force of 'people-powered' advocates. Participants say this is one of the most powerful parts of the Climate Ride experience - pedaling your bike right to the US Capitol to advocate for change.

The Beneficiary Grants Program

Beneficiaries: The Climate Ride staff handles hundreds of inquiries from potential beneficiaries and manages a process to vet and approve the organizations that our cyclists and hikers wish to support. We assist organizations in making Climate Ride a useful and meaningful part of their development plans. We process tens of thousands of donations and handle every aspect of the charitable bike and hike events so that these organizations can benefit without any risk or cost - so they can focus on achieving their missions.

Community Building and Awareness

Climate Ride strives to build an engaging new community around sustainability and active transportation. Our staff works to publicize these causes and promote engagement. We work to keep past and present cyclists and hikers engaged with the issues and the beneficiaries they support.

Why We Cycle and Hike

We engage in the charitable Climate Ride events to support a collection of beneficiary organizations that are working to engage citizens in the possibility of a green economy, educate the public about the interconnected web of environmental issues related to the climate crisis, mobilize government and businesses to enact sound energy policies that promote renewables, and raise the profile of green transportation. Your fundraising helps these beneficiaries continue to provide the critical services and education needed to address sustainability and active transportation issues.  Right now, your fundraising and your effort to raise awareness are more critical than ever.

We can create communities with cleaner air, where we ride bikes, drive efficient cars and live and work in energy-saving, healthy buildings. If you demand it, our legislators and business community will promote clean energy and smarter transportation systems. By joining the Climate Ride bike and hike events, you can take a step in this direction.

Join us for a few days of human-powered activity—all for a good cause!