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Independent Challenge Spotlights – Ultra Marathons, Epic Rides, and Cold Dives

The Climate Ride community is full of intelligent, passionate, and creative individuals. Each year, hundreds of riders and hikers from across the country come together to join us on our signature cycling and hiking events. However, each year there are tons of other intelligent, passionate, and creative individuals out there who aren’t able to join one of our events but want to be involved in supporting the Climate Ride cause. We developed the Independent Challenge program to allow anyone anywhere to register an event (new or existing) and fundraise through Climate Ride for the beneficiaries that they choose.

Two Independent Challenges have already been completed for the 2015 program, and there are many more exciting plans on the horizon. Read on for descriptions of these incredible fundraising events:

Completed Challenges Spotlight

Freezin’ for a Reason – The Brave Plungers

Would you jump into a freezing cold river in the middle of winter? The Brave Plungers did.  The Alternative Transportation Group at Chico State University rallied a group of students to brave the cold winter waters in support of GRID Alternatives and Earthjustice. Their group raised hundreds of dollars, and is looking forward to growing the event next winter.

Just. Keep. Moving. – Josh Lasky

After a 7 race slate between August and December, including 2 marathons and 2 50k runs, Josh Lasky took things a step further and completed his first ever ‘ultra’ – a 100 mile race. Josh contemplates, “How does one even approach such a challenge? Similarly, how does humanity approach an uncertain future? In my opinion, the key to unlocking either a successful ultra marathon performance or a sustainable future lies in the ability to adapt continuously, to remain optimistic through dark times, and to retain a willingness to fight.” Read more about Josh’s Independent Challenge and check out his blog for an absolutely inspirational account of his experience.

Upcoming Challenges Spotlight

Keys to Freeze – The Keys to Freeze crew

“9,000 miles. 6 friends. 2 important causes.” This group of intrepid individuals will be biking from the Florida Keys across the US and up the West Coast to the ‘north shore’ of Alaska. Along the way, they will be stopping to volunteer with service projects in several of the nations most iconic National Parks. The funds they raise will go on to support the National Parks, through the work of  the National Park Conservation Association. Learn more and follow their progress on the Keys to Freeze website.

360 by Bike – Forrest Watkins

For the next few years, Forrest Watkins is riding his bike around the world and helping to build the global climate movement. He will hold events to educate about climate change and raise funds for, telling the stories of the people he meets along the way. Through these stories, Forrest attempts to understand the human side of climate change ­– how it affects and will continue to affect lives, and the ways in which we are rising to stop it and bring about a more sustainable world. Forrest is currently in China, where he will begin his ride, working as an English teacher to save funds for his ride. He has just posted the first of his climate stories, found while traveling in the Yunnan province of China.

Ready to challenge yourself?

Learn more about how the Independent Challenge program can help turn a cold water dive, an ultra marathon, an epic bike ride, or any other event into an avenue for raising funds for the Climate Ride cause and our hard-working beneficiaries.