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The Cultural Conservancy

The Cultural Conservancy (TCC) is a Native-led Indigenous Rights nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, CA. Since our founding in 1985, our mission is to protect and revitalize Indigenous cultures, empowering them in the direct application of traditional knowledge and practices on their ancestral lands. TCC works with California Indian communities, American Indian Nations, Kānaka Maoli and other Pacific Islanders, and Indigenous communities in Central and South America. From our flagship Native Foodways program to our Native Media work, TCC partners with Indigenous communities on cultural revitalization projects that are shaped by community requests and guided by our Native Advisory Council of Traditional Knowledge Holders, community leaders, and land-care practitioners.

Our work uplifts traditional land practices and Native Foodways through the revitalization of cultural knowledge and ancestral lands. We work with Native community members, from Native farmers and Traditional Ecological Knowledge holders to families with gathering traditions and youth leaders tending their first land projects. By creating opportunities and increasing access to healthy lands and waters, we facilitate community-led transformation for Native communities struggling with food access, land displacement, and a lack of access to practice land-based traditions as an avenue to physical, spiritual, and cultural health. We also work to grow those opportunities and deepen collaborations nationally and internationally, with Native food sovereignty groups such as the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance, Traditional Native American Farmers Association, the Intertribal Agricultural Council, and the Slow Food Turtle Island Association and Slow Food International networks.