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José Gomez Perez, California Ride

The opportunity afforded by the Climate Ride scholarship to local cycling organizations around the country can be life-changing. As someone who has never participated in a multi-day ride, let alone had the experience to fundraising thousands of dollars, it was a way for me to experience something truly perspective changing that I would have otherwise not had the chance to. The amount I did raise completely flabbergasted me. Folks I would have never thought would donate were the first ones to do so with eagerness and their full support. Even before the ride proper, I saw what good resonates from our community when we want to put it out there to the world that we want to help make it better and need their support. In an effort to capture the experience concisely, for me Climate Ride NorCal was a flurry of epic scenery and riding, coupled with meeting some of the most passionate and unforgettable people I have met through cycling. Through the support of the Climate Ride Scholarship, I was able to be a part of something so much greater than anything I had ever done before in cycling. The good work they do is profound and exemplary. As someone who has felt their support firsthand, I strongly urge you to continue to support Climate Ride during their Annual Fund Campaign.