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Dennis Desmarais, Independent Challenge

There wasn’t a day that passed on my Independent Challenge where I didn’t question my decision to pass up on the organized events (like Glacier last year). My morale would have soared if I knew that I’d have someone like you just a couple of miles away with cliff bars and moral support (not to mention all of the rest of what an organized CR has to offer). But I have to say, once I finished I felt a lasting high unlike what I’ve felt on prior Climate Rides. The sense of accomplishment and the memories of all that I had to overcome has me thinking that I might go the independent route again (believe it or not, I have a 2,000 mile 8 day tentative route already planned). Plus, I blew away all of my prior year’s of fundraising, so I’m thinking that the more audacious the challenge, the easier it is to convince people to donate. I’ll definitely do an organized ride again (hopefully many!), but my thoughts at the moment are on another Independent Challenge!