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Here, we’ve collected the moments that inspire us to pedal, hike, and advocate for our planet, so you can enjoy them all from the comfort of your screen. Every story here is a step closer to a greener world.

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Richard Hawkes
Founding Director of Hawkes Architecture

Richard Hawkes is a UK-based architect with a passion for creating inspirational sustainable homes. His architecture firm is leading the UK’s adoption of PassivHaus and developing some of the most progressive low carbon homes in the country. Richard is a vocal advocate leading a transformation in energy conservation awareness and regulation.

Cecily Mak
Founder, Start-up Operator, and Investor at Wisdom Ventures Fund

Cecily Mak is a mother to two sons, writer, podcast host, co-founder of Wisdom Ventures, and the visionary behind ClearLife.

With over 20 years of diverse experience as an attorney, revenue leader, and COO, Cecily has spearheaded the growth of startups across various industries, including music, publishing, mindfulness, well-being, and crypto. As co-founder of Wisdom Ventures and co-founding limited partner of How Women Invest, Cecily is a champion for greater human connection and well-being. Her board memberships and support for various organizations, notably at SIY Global, and The U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance, underscore her commitment to ethical leadership and social responsibility.

Whether parenting her two sons, supporting impact-driven entrepreneurs, or engaging with a global community, Cecily embodies the principles of ClearLife, inspiring others to embrace authenticity and heart-centered living. Her dedication to fostering presence, healthier relationships, and intentional living resonates deeply with individuals seeking a path of alignment and fulfillment.

Sachu Constantine
Executive Director, Vote Solar

Sachu Constantine is the Executive Director of Vote Solar. From 2017 to 2022, Sachu served as Vote Solar’s Regulatory Managing Director, as well as the organization’s Interim Executive Director in 2021. A leading national expert in the regulatory landscape of the solar industry, he has an impressive track record of successfully guiding strategy and operations for teams of energy experts and advocates.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, Sachu leads an accomplished team in setting the direction and strategic roadmap for Vote Solar. As the organization strives to deepen its work on deploying equitable clean energy solutions across the country, he ensures that Vote Solar holds fast to its unique position in the clean energy landscape while pursuing bold new initiatives.

With almost three decades of work in the energy and environmental field, Sachu has a track record of success in advancing a just, sustainable world powered by clean energy. His experience, which includes both national and international work, has allowed him to develop a well-rounded perspective on the value of solar energy, particularly in combination with efficiency and electrification.

Before joining Vote Solar, Sachu served as the Director of Policy at the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) for five years. There, he was responsible for directing CSE’s policy, regulatory and legislative efforts and building its reputation as a leader in the clean energy arena. He has also held senior positions at SunPower Corporation, the California Public Utilities Commission and the Alliance to Save Energy.

In addition to his role at Vote Solar, Sachu serves on the Board of Directors for Code Cycle and as a Public Works Commissioner for Berkeley, California. He has authored numerous research papers and made presentations to legislative and regulatory bodies across the United States.

Sachu received a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the University of California at Berkeley. He has spent time living and working in Germany and Hungary and was also a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana, West Africa, before settling in Berkeley. In his free time, Sachu loves to cook and build slightly off-kilter woodworking projects out of whatever recycled materials he can find.

Our speakers are the heartbeat of our events, sharing transformative stories and expert insights that resonate deeply, sparking inspiration and action among participants. Their diverse voices illuminate the path towards sustainability that empowers each of us to become a champion for our planet.

Wei-Tai Kwok
Head of US Operations, Bila Solar. Educator, Climate Reality Project

Wei-Tai Kwok is a volunteer public speaker who was personally trained on climate by Former Vice President Al Gore and his non-profit organization, The Climate Reality Project. Over the past 10 years, Wei-Tai has delivered 170 multi-media presentations to community groups, businesses, schools, churches and more, to press for urgent climate action.

In his day job he heads up the US operations for Bila Solar, which is building a 150,000 square-foot solar panel factory in Indianapolis. He is also currently Vice Mayor of the City of Lafayette. Wei-Tai received his BA degree in Economics & Political Science from Yale University.

Erick Cedeño
The Bicycle Nomad

Erick Cedeño is an explorer and historian, and on social media, he is known as the Bicycle Nomad. (IG: bicycle_nomad)

12 years ago, he embarked on a bicycle tour from Vancouver, Canada to Tijuana, Mexico. The following year he traveled from Miami Beach, FL to New York City, NY. In 2014 and 2020 he rode from New Orleans to Niagara Falls, Canada following the historic path of the Underground Railroad.

In 2022, he retraced the route and history of the All-Black, bicycle-mounted 25th Infantry to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Bicycle Corps 1897 expedition from Fort Missoula, Montana to St. Louis, Missouri. Their mission was to thoroughly test the practicability of the bicycle as a method of transportation. Erick was recently inducted into The Explorers Club in 2022 and named one of the 50 Explorers (#EC50) changing the world.

Want to see the heart of our mission? Here we showcase the exhilarating blend of adventure and advocacy that defines every turn of the wheel and step on the trail.

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