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MISSION: Spokeland’s mission is to build knowledge, empowerment and self-reliance for members of the community and provide a safe and fun workspace for people of all ages, ethnicities and cultures, genders, sexual orientations and skill levels.
“Bicycle mechanics in the United States are 91.4% male and 70.1% white. To help make this group more representative, Spokeland provides a space with representative volunteer shifts, so that our bike shops can look like our communities. We teach a Mechanics Mentors course that champions inclusion and is taught by folx from diverse backgrounds. We are honored to receive the $5,000 Climate Ride grant. Spokeland will use these funds to sustain our cycling advocacy and bike mechanic education efforts for our Oakland community.” -Christopher Salam, Spokeland Board Member
Learn more > Connect and get involved with their work: On Instagram: @spokelandcoop On Twitter: @spokeland See other Environmental Justice Action Grantees here.